Food Clerk Responsibilities

The food clerk responsibilities include interacting with the retail store customers after they are done with all the shopping. He checks and examines all the food items of the customers and talks to them while listing their food items one by one for bills. He makes sure that the customers get all the food items they require. He also discusses with the customers about the different food items available for them in the stores and their way of display and this lets the customers find particular products they might have been looking for.

He also needs to run the documents for billing if the retail store takes summons and costs from the social service authorities to the customers. He keeps and executes suitable operations in the food department of the store with compliance to the rules, regulations and standard procedures of the company. The food clerk also makes sure that the stores have all the possible food items that the customers want and that the retail market benefits perfectly and earns profits from the customers.

A food clerk has the following key responsibilities:

Qualifications and Skills Required

The candidate who wants to become a food clerk should be able to read and write English. He should have passed 10th grade and should have good information, data submission and computer skills. On top of that, he needs to be quick and flexible with the customers. He should have good maths and calculating skills. Also, he should be an able administrator and helper who feels comfortable with the customers and is not rude or impatient with them. He needs to have stamina as well in order to remain standing and assisting customers.

Working Conditions

His working area is either busy or boring. At times, he may have to attend to hundreds of customers and sometimes, he may not have any customers at all. He mostly remains standing throughout the day and interacts with and helps the customers.


A food clerk draws an average salary of around USD 30, 976 per annum. But this may differ from one retail market to another and also depends on the location of the market.

Thus, the food clerk responsibilities include working for the customers and helping them to deal with the food items purchased.

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