Inventory Control Clerk Job Description

The inventory control clerk is an entry level position that requires good organization, administration and management skills. So if you are the person who has these qualities, then you can definitely enter this field, as you will be able to carry out the inventory control clerk responsibilities effectively.

Inventory controlling is a crucial function and the inventory control clerk is the key person involved in this function. This professional needs to keep a track record of various inventories, items, equipment, etc., that may be entering in and going out of the organization's premises.

In general, he/she makes sure that the required stock is available and that it is not wasted. His/her ultimate motive is to earn maximum profits for the organization and eliminate all the possible situations that may cause losses. Thus, he/she plays a pivotal role in the management of inventories of the organization.

Key Responsibilities Of Inventory Control Clerk

The inventory control clerk is generally employed in warehouses, factories, offices, and other establishments that may either be private or public. The typical duties of an inventory control clerk include gathering all the information about the inventories, maintaining them, ensuring that their records have been entered properly and updated in the system, checking physically and verifying it with the computed records, ensuring that the stock is disbursed sequentially as per demand and making sure that there is absolutely no wastage as it may result in great losses.

He/she maintains and updates the files of the inventories and keeps a track record of its prices. He/she analyzes the sales records and keeps a track on the records related to production, shipping, purchase, etc., so that he/she is able to determine how much stock will be needed in the future to meet the required needs.

To get a better idea, here is a list of key responsibilities that need to be handled by an inventory clerk working in any organization:

Thus, he/she needs to handle a wide variety of tasks and may perform other related duties as well.

Essential Skills and Abilities

Educational Requirement

The minimum basic qualification required to make an entry in this field is a high school diploma or GED. He/she should be aware of the inventory control standards and procedures. A four year associate or bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university would definitely be preferred. Those with previous work experience in a similar profile would be at a greater advantage.

Work Schedule

This professional needs to work for five days a week, with each day's work comprising eight to nine hours. If there is tremendous work load, it is expected that he/she should work overtime and complete the assigned work as per the given deadline. He/she requires physical stamina, as his/her work involves a lot of lifting, pulling, shifting, and may be subjected to standing, sitting, walking, bending, kneeling, pushing, etc., for long hours at times.

Salary Details

The individual salary will vary depending on that particular person's skills, education and experience. The average remuneration offered for this professional is normally close to $31,000. Those with more experience will earn in the range of $35,000 to $42,000. It can vary greatly depending on the region he/she is working in as well as the type and size of the organization. In addition, he/she may receive paid holidays, retirement plans, etc., as an additional benefit.

Career Prospects

The career opportunities are bound to increase in the coming years and those who have demonstrated success and shown that they can perform well will surely rise to the higher supervisory and managerial positions.

Thus, if you want to kick start your career to a great future ahead, then the inventory control clerk responsibilities must be carried out effectively and efficiently.

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