Beauty Consultant Responsibilities

Beauty in real sense is not restricted to applying make-up and looking good. It is about restoring the health of your skin & hair and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Often, we envy the movie stars and admire the way they look on screen.

We hope to achieve the same look and so end up trying dozens of beauty products. Instead of doing good, they harm your skin and cause rashes, redness, pigmentation and worst of all - pimples. Most products are made for a particular skin type.

It suits some of us while others face the brunt of using inappropriate products. Hence, it is preferred o take an expert's opinion and take his/her guidance while choosing the beauty products best suited to your skin. This is the work of a beauty consultant.

Here is a detailed description of beauty consultant responsibilities.

A beauty consultant has expert knowledge about different skin types, hair types and the different beauty care products available in market. He analyzes the skin type of the clients, explains the skin disorders they are suffering from, suggests the precautionary and curative measures that should be taken, and advices the clients on following healthy lifestyle habits. Beauty consultants work in parlors, spas, cosmetics retail shops, etc. Although consultation is the chief responsibility, there are various other functions that are performed by the beauty consultant.

Key Responsibilities of Beauty Consultant


When the clients approach the beauty consultants for consultation, the consultants make the clients answer a few questions. It includes elaborating on the condition of their hair/skin and defining the skin/hair type.

Further, the consultants observe the condition and identify the reasons for the disorder. This preliminary analysis is required to identify the problem and come up with relevant remedies for the same.


The beauty consultant responsibilities is to advise the clients on the DOs and DONTs for maintaining their beauty. It includes giving skin-care and hair-care tips based on the conclusion of the preliminary analysis. The consultants prescribe medical/beauty products that cure the disorders and provide nourishment to skin/hair.

They suggest the names of products that can be used regularly. Also, they provide guidance on the diet and lifestyle to be adopted to maintain a healthy body.


The beauty consultants advice the clients on the looks and appearances that will suit them and the products they should use. They demonstrate the ideal way at how the products must be used and applied on the skin/hair. They select the brush or sponge required to apply the makeup.

They demonstrate the use of these products on models and explain the the dos and don'ts of applying make-up. Makeup works wonderfully on your skin/hair only when you learn to apply it appropriately.


Advertising and sales are two additional responsibilities taken up by the beauty consultants. Beauty product manufacturers approach the consultant to advertise and promote the products. The consultants test these products and market them while interacting with the clients.

Once the products are tested, they determine the suitability of the product towards a particular hair/skin type. The consultants do an effective work of promoting the newly launched products.

Stock Management

Consultants are responsible to maintain a stock of beauty products they often use or advice. Most clients prefer to buy the products from the consultant rather than buying from the market. Often, consultants have to use the products on patients as part of their treatments and consultation.

Also, distributing sample products is a good way of marketing a product and boosting the sales. Hence, consultants must keep sufficient quantities of product at their clinic and restock the goods once they are sold out.

Beauty industry is growing at a fast rate. Reading these beauty consultant responsibilities will help you to understand the the work profile of the beauty consultant and will allow you to make a successful career in this industry.

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