Home Loan Consultant Responsibilities

Today, most of the people are often seen taking loans for various purposes, be it educational, home, business, or for any other personal reason. Most of the times, they are confused about which would be the best possible option for them to choose. In such situations, if an individual is looking out for a home loan proposal, he/she usually approaches a home loan consultant. Effective implementation of home loan consultant responsibilities plays a crucial role for ensuring better growth, development, and profits for any financial business organization.

Key Responsibilities of a Home Loan Consultant

The home loan consultant is responsible for managing the home loan applications and advising the prospective clients on the various products and services that will be of great benefit to the clients. He/she determines the financial condition of the clients and recommends them with the best possible solutions that fit the clients' requirements. To get a better idea, here are few points that will explain in detail the key responsibilities that are handled by a home loan consultant:

  1. To conduct research in the market and to identify opportunities to market and sell the products of the bank or the financial organization, and to tap the potential clients seeking home loans.
  2. To analyze the financial status of the client by collecting the financial information and data, and any other relevant personal information, and giving the client confidence that it will be kept completely confidential.
  3. To provide detailed information about the bank's or financial organization's products and services to the clients and to guide them on the most suited financial option that will meet their requirements.
  4. To ensure that a thorough verification of the obtained financial data is done to determine the creditability of the applicant.
  5. Once the verification of data is completed, he/she determines the eligibility criteria of the loan applicant and determines whether a particular individual's home loan should be approved or not.
  6. If he/she approves the loan, it is sent to the higher management level for further processing.

The home loan consultant makes sure that the applicant has understood all the terms and conditions involved while applying for a home loan. He/she collects the details of the clients' financial records and makes sure that all the queries related to the processing of loans have been answered. He/she calculates the payments that need to be done and communicates them that it should be done as per the assigned schedule. He/she maintains professional and healthy relationship with the prospective clients which will prove to be of great help while selling cross sectional additional financial services and products. Thus, the job of a home consultant is partly of sales type and he/she is responsible for promoting the products and services offered by the financial company to ensure active business growth by delivering quality services, thereby increasing the sales of the financial organization he/she is employed in.

Essential Skills

A home loan consultant should be an outgoing, enthusiastic person who is willing to cooperate and find out remedial solutions for people who are in need of financial help. He/she should be able to identify potential clients, who will eventually lead to increasing the sales and business. He/she should have excellent communication skills with an ability to acquire some confidential financial data and other personal relevant details. He/she should be able to think out of the box, should be a self starter and should take an initiative to achieve the goals. He/she should have exceptional selling skills and should be a good decision maker. He/she should be ready to travel, as he/she will need to meet the clients at their offices or will need to conduct a home visit.

Educational Background

The home loan consultant needs at least a high school diploma or a bachelor's degree from a relevant field like finance, economics, business, etc. Previous exposure in the finance field accompanied with an accounting background would also prove to be of great help while searching for the job.

Work Schedule

The home loan consultants need to work full time, i.e. they need to allot at least forty hours per week. If they want to earn extra income, they can work on a commission basis. However, they will need to put in some extra hours during the evenings or on the weekends and holidays to complete this additional work.

Salary Details

The minimum basic salary that can be offered for the post of a home loan consultant is $57,000. The individual who is doing this type of job for the first time can earn a salary package up to $31,000. The experienced candidate can get a better package summing up to $113,000. The salary may vary depending on the employer and some may opt to work on a commission basis as well.

Career Prospects

Though there is a huge fluctuation in the economic and financial sector, the job opportunities for home loan consultants are on a rise. The opportunities are bright for the individuals with a finance, banking, or sales background.

Thus, if you have the passion for finance and enjoy helping people by supporting them to achieve their dream home, then this is the most suitable career option for you. Moreover, handling the home loan consultant responsibilities would definitely prove to be much easier.

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