International Student Advisor Responsibilities

The international student advisor responsibilities include acting as an international student consultant who is also kind of a worker in an educational institution. He/she executes his/her undertakings in the institutions's section of foreign affairs and collaborates with and is in lieu of the foreign students. He/she also acts as an expert and a provider of data for foreign students who persue their education at various colleges or are their future students.

The rules and regulations of immigration are quite intricate in nature and keep on altering very often. An international student advisor assists the international and global students in passing or gliding safely through the various methods, procedures and processes of the preparation of non immigrant visas even for relevant and usable levy data. He/she makes them aware of the various rules and policies, gives them the filling sheets, provides them with the necessary steps and assesses their documents. He/she obeys and follows all the policies and programs of secrecy while counseling and training the international students.

The international student advisor has the following key responsibilities and functions that are mentioned below:

Educational Qualifications and Skills Required

A person wanting to qualify as an international student advisor must have a bachelor's degree in counselor education, global relations, social work, higher education, sociology, psychology or a related field. This bachelor's degree is compulsory for him/her. He/she should have also worked as an international student advisor with an organization for a minimum period of one year.

If he/she has a master's degree in the same field, he/she must back it up with a working experience of three years. He/she must have good written and oral interacting, computer programming, data administering, word procedure and web networking skills. He/she should also be comfortable with travelling or working abroad. He/she must ensure that his/her functions are executed in compliance with the rules and regulations of the concerned state and country where he/she works.

Working Conditions

He/she generally works in a fast moving and multiple task handling environment, wherein he/she is attentive and works within the premises of a college, campus or university. He/she typically works from Monday to Friday and stays there for around eight hours per day. He/she executes his/her exact advisory operations for only about three to four hours, wherein he/she guides the international students. He/she gets many long intervals or breaks between his/her advising and working sessions.


The international student advisor earns an average salary of about USD 27, 243 per year.

Thus, the international student advisor responsibilities include counselling the international students on managing their ways safely through the immigration methods and procedures and monitoring their work performance.

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