Event Coordinator Responsibilities

Have you ever given a thought as to what are the factors that are responsible for success of a corporate event? Behind every successful corporate event lies the successful shouldering of the event coordinator responsibilities. He ensures that the client is free from stress and takes on each and every responsibility on his shoulders like attending phone calls, handling the documentation, signing of contracts, arrangement of lights, taking care of catering facilities, etc.

Key Responsibilities of an Event Coordinator

Hiring an event coordinator has become a necessity in today's fast paced world. It is no more considered a luxury, as he not only saves your valuable time, but also money. The event coordinator's experience, training, and knowledge will only assist in making the event more successful, thus turning the client's expectations into reality. Therefore, if you want your event to be distinctive, whether it is a social event, party, wedding, concert, ceremony, convention, competition, or a seminar, you can just hire an event coordinator, sit back, and relax. If you want to know what exactly are the responsibilities handled by an event coordinator, here is a detailed description that will help you in getting a clear idea:

  1. The first essential thing is to understand the purpose of the event, so that it will help to give a better insight as to what are the requirements of the clients, thereby ensuring that they are met
  2. To decide the scope of the event, so that venue can be selected for the event by adhering to the budgets outlined
  3. To organize, schedule and make sure that the event is planned from the conceptual stage and to make sure that it is completed and executed on the given time
  4. To make sure that the event generates maximum revenue as well as exposure, thus making it a huge success
  5. To make sure that the event is publicized and marketed well by making use of all the communication and networking supporting personnel
  6. To take care of arrangement of service providers, transporters, catering facilities, and staff members, so that the event proceeds as per the expectations

They constantly monitor the event activities to ensure that the client's motive behind the event is achieved and that he remains satisfied. They maintain and update their event activities in the calender. They negotiate prices related to various facilities with the associated vendors and suppliers. They ensure that adequate staff is available for the event and supervise them. They keep in constant touch with the clients to keep a track of their requirements and make any necessary changes if suggested by the client. They assist in the reservation of hotels, rooms, arrangement of transportation and food services etc. They maintain and update records related to various types of facilities and keep a a track of the inventory. They review the bills and make sure that they are being paid on time.

Essential Skills

To establish and make a mark for yourself in the field of event management, you should have at least some of the following skills:

Educational Background

Event coordinators may come from diverse educational backgrounds. They may have majored in business management, administration, communications, public relations, marketing or hospitality management. Those with some prior experience in planning, organization, supervising and coordinating of various activities or events may get an upper hand while securing a job. Those with an additional certification like CMP will get preference.

Salary Details

The minimum salary offered is $27,000 while the maximum can go up to $77,000. The average salary lies close to $46,000 and may vary according to the type and size of the organization, experience, skills, etc.

Work Hours

Event coordinators have hectic work schedules, and they often need to work at irregular hours. They may need to work in the early mornings, at late nights, or even on the weekends.

Career Prospects

Though technology has played a vital role in communicating at a faster and better speed, actual face-to-face interaction at various meetings, conferences, events, seminars, etc., still seems to have its own significance. In fact, there is much demand for such types of events which is the best opportunity for effective communication. Thus, the event coordinator will definitely have more demand in the coming decade.

Thus, if you are really good at handling event coordinator responsibilities, there is no looking back and you can be assured that your career will flourish and take you to greater heights.

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