Facilities Coordinator Job Description

A facility is a structure where a school, university, business organization, or a federal organization conducts its operations. In today's fast growing world, many organizations expand their operations and open several facilities to serve to the regional requirements. The job of a facilities coordinator or the facilities coordinator responsibilities are related to the management of facilities in a given or all areas.

A facilities coordinator is required to look after the acquisition, operations, maintenance, renovation, or any other task related to an organization's facilities. He searches and finalizes plots where new facilities can be constructed. He communicates and negotiates with the land owners to acquire the land. Alternately, he can finalize an existing office as a new facility for the organization.

The facilities coordinator has to look after the repair, maintenance, and safety of an operational facility. He may conduct mock drills to check the functioning of the safety instruments and systems in the facility. He orders new furniture, equipment, computers, and all other materials that are essential for the proper functioning of the facility.

As a facilities coordinator, a person also plans and implements schedules for various events that may take place in a given period of time. He contacts with external agencies such as caterers, event organizers, etc., and arranges the necessary requirement. He prepares reports for all the events and activities of the facility and the expenses related to the same.

In a nutshell, the facilities coordinator responsibilities are the sum total of duties an individual has to perform if appointed for this position. A detailed category wise description of all the job duties of a facilities coordinator has been explained below.

Facilities Coordinator Responsibilities

Planning for New Facilities

A facilities coordinator helps the organization to acquire empty lands for construction of a new facility. If required, he searches for vacant offices or buildings that can be used as a facility for the organizational operations. He meets and negotiates with the owners to buy or lease the land or structure.


A facilities coordinator plans the budget and shares the estimates expenses with the finance department for approval of funds.

Purchase Materials

A facilities coordinator is required to purchase materials such as office stationary, furniture, computers, peripherals, or any other requirements deemed necessary by the authorities. He has to communicate with vendors, negotiate and bargain, receive and check materials, make payments, and record details of all purchases.

Supervise Construction/Renovation of Facilities

A facilities coordinator is expected to supervise the construction process for new facilities. He communicates with the engineers, architects, and construction personnel and ensures that the facility is constructed as per planned. He also supervises renovation of facilities to ensure that the task is executed as planned.

Quality and Safety Control

The facilities coordinator is in-charge of checking the quality of materials and equipments and approve it for use at the facility. He also ensures that the facilities are safe to work at and necessary materials such as fire extinguishers, etc., are installed at the facility.

Skills of a Facilities Coordinator

To become an efficient facilities coordinator, a person should be:

Becoming a Facilities Coordinator

Getting into this profession becomes easy for individuals who have completed their education with at least an associate degree. However, individuals with higher qualifications such as a bachelor's or master's degree in business management, information technology, or any other professional course also apply for this position.

Career Scope for a Facilities Coordinator

Annual salary for a facilities coordinator ranges around $48,000. The actual compensation is based on many factors such as job location, applicant's competency, size of the organization, job duties, etc.

This description of facilities coordinator responsibilities has been provided to provide you an overview of this profession.

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