GIS Coordinator Responsibilities

The GIS coordinator responsibilities include undertaking, studying and examining specialized administration tasks and roles that deal with the growth as well as putting into use and organization of the GIS system in the concerned section. He/she studies, examines and formulates various presentations that display all the dealings and actions with respect to the administration of the GIS section of the company.

He/she also executes operations with respect to the study of attributes that are inclusive of actions like internet simulations, developed information structure blending, making use of map mathematics and attributed information bases. He/she studies and develops very intricate and technical GIS attributed programs and plans. He/she also oversees and upholds different websites for the internet and local network with respect to GIS issues.

A GIS coordinator performs the below mentioned key job roles, duties and responsibilities:

Qualifications and Skills Required

A candidate who wants to shoulder the GIS coordinator responsibilities should be a bachelor of geography or a related field from an established university. He/she also should have a mininmum experience of 3 years. He/she should have a driving license and should also possess good organizational, geographic and other skills pertaining to this field and position.

Working Conditions

A GIS coordinator works in an office from Monday to Friday and may have to move from one place to another quite frequently. He/she works for about 45 hours or more in a week and executes correct and up to date GIS projects on time.


The GIS coordinator picks a salary of about USD 57, 000 on an average in one year.

Thus, the GIS coordinator responsibilities include developing new procedures and methods of GIS in order to enhance the work force and work effectivity of the company.

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