Health Service Coordinator Job Description

Health care industry involves the contribution of various professionals or health care workers. Health service coordinators are important professionals in the health care system who help to process the smooth running of daily medical duties. They help doctors, nurses, patients and other staff members in carrying out their tasks related to immediate medical needs. Health service coordinator responsibilities must be carried out with dedication and compassion. They work in health care or medical centers like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, pathology centers, public health agencies, or any health care organizations to provide support services to the staff and the management.

Much of the daily activities and functions in the health care facilities are dependent on the efficient performance of the health care coordinators. Some of the basic duties include maintaining patient records, assisting doctors by taking notes, giving patient feedback and history, scheduling appointments for patients, attending emergency cases, helping in laboratory tests, documentation, patient admission and discharge formalities, recording vital signs, etc., amongst many others. They also act as a liaison between the medical staff, the patients and their relatives.

An individual can become a successful health service coordinator, only if he/she has the passion to care and serve the community and its people. If you have the passion to become a heath service coordinator, you do not need to possess high educational degrees, but atleast have to complete the basic qualifications. Also, this position requires on-the job training to make yourself an expert in this field. To get a more detailed list of job responsibilities and other qualifications, you may refer to the sections of the article below.

Key Responsibilities of a Health Service Coordinator

Essential Skills and Proficiencies

Educational Qualification

A health care coordinator usually needs to complete his/her high school diploma. An associate's degree in health services or the related field will have an added advantage. Usually, certification is a voluntary option, but some positions may require certifications from accredited universities or institutions. Additionally, on the job training and other technical trainings are also mandated.

Salary Details

The average salary of a health service coordinator is $43,000 approximately. The salary will vary according to the place of work (type of organization/health facility and its geographical location) coupled with the experience and skills of the respective candidate.

Work Timing

A health service coordinator works for more than 50 hours per week in an in-house (hospital, nursing homes, clinics, etc.) setup. The job may require irregular hours of work due to emergency situations and several critical medical duties.

The employment opportunities for these professionals are expected to increase by 13 percent by the end of 2018, according to a study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If an individual is confident of carrying out health service coordinator responsibilities in an efficient way, he/she can make this a promising career choice for themselves.

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