Instructional Coordinator Job Description

Instructional coordinator is a professional who is engaged in ensuring the fact that educational programs are compliant with the federal and local government regulations. The instructional coordinator responsibilities comprise evaluating the educational curriculum, monitoring its introduction in the schools, ensuring effective ways of using technology for better student learning, and assisting the teachers in designing plans to make effective use of the curriculum. Thus, an instructional coordinator plays a vital role for any educational institute.

Key Responsibilities of an Instructional Coordinator

The instructional coordinator helps the teachers and other related staff members to translate the curriculum goals and objectives into meaningful and substantial learning experiences for all the students.

He/she is responsible for providing professional leadership in the designing of the educational curriculum and its instructional delivery. He/she is also responsible for supporting and enhancing the development of assessments of the students and making the best utilization of the technology to improve the instructional methods.

He/she needs to carry out a wide variety of responsibilities which have been described in detail in the points given below:

Essential Skills

Educational Background

To make a career as an instructional coordinator, an individual must have completed at least a master's degree in curriculum and instruction. A relevant teaching license combined with experience would prove to be an edge. Those with updated knowledge on the latest development in computers will also have an advantage.

Work Schedule

The instructional coordinator should be ready and flexible to work for long hours as the work assigned is stressful most of the times. His/her work includes a lot of burden and mostly needs to function under deadlines. Occasional traveling may be required. He/she is mostly employed in schools, colleges, universities, educational support services, etc.

Salary Details

The average annual salary earned by an instructional coordinator is $59,000. The lowest salary offered for inexperienced candidates is 34,000, while the experienced candidates backed with relevant education and skills can get a salary close in the range of $94,000.

Career Prospects

The demand for instructional coordinators is definitely expected to rise in the recent years by about twenty percent. Most of the schools today are interested in improving the instructional methods, so as to ensure that quality education is imparted to the students. Thus, there is definitely a huge scope for development and growth in this profession.

Therefore, before you step into this field, make sure that you will be able to handle the instructional coordinator responsibilities well and take your career to new heights.

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