Inventory Coordinator Responsibilities

The inventory coordinator is responsible for the execution of inventory coordinator responsibilities, as he/she is one of the key persons involved in the inventory management. Effective inventory management plays a crucial role and is instrumental in the success of any business organization. The inventories generally consist of raw materials, goods, finished products, etc., that need to be stocked and distributed in an effective way. The inventory coordinator ensures that the inventory remains balanced, as it it is one of the important factors to ensure maximum profitability. Thus, this professional makes sure that the stocks are properly balanced and that the damaged inventory is returned to the suppliers so that there are minimum losses.

Key Responsibilities of Inventory Coordinator

If you have good arithmetic skills along with good organizational, administrative, and management skills, then you are the right person to become an inventory coordinator. This professional is the middle person who helps in bridging the gap between the purchasing manager, retailer and the manufacturer. His/her job involves mainly coordination, inspection work and he/she needs to handle all the inventory management related paper work.

He/she is responsible for continuously checking the products that are entering in and making sure that they are being directed to the right department as per the organizational policies and procedures. He/she inspects the material received and makes sure that the damaged items have been returned to the supplier. He/she also updates and maintains the records of the inventory that have been stolen or lost.

The following points given below will help you to understand the key responsibilities that need to be handled by this professional in a better way:

Apart from the above responsibilities,

Essential Skills and Abilities

Educational Background

A high school diploma or any other equivalent educational qualification is sufficient to qualify for the post of an inventory coordinator. A bachelor's degree in purchasing, business, accounting or an associate in Applied Science will prove to be of great benefit. A certification in inventory management or production or any other related areas would definitely be a plus and would help you in getting the job more easily.

Work Environment

The inventory coordinator works for forty to fifty hours per week, Monday through Friday. Depending on the work load, he/she may need to extend his/her work by working late in the evenings, or sometimes even on the weekends and holidays. He/she normally works in retail stockrooms, warehouses, factories, etc. While in the premises of the organization, he/she needs to follow all the rules and regulations related to safety.

Salary Details

The salary offered for this professional is close to $38,000. It varies depending on the location, type, and size of the organization. The other salary determining factors are the particular individual's skills, knowledge and experience in a similar role.

Career Prospects

The career prospects look bright and promising. The job opportunities will definitely rise and if you are able to demonstrate a successful track record then there is absolutely no stopping and you will move up to a higher position.

Therefore, if you want to be assured of a lucrative career ahead, then the inventory coordinator responsibilities must be carried out professionally.

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