Counselor Job Description

A lot of mental health disorders such as phobias, manias, anxiety disorders, etc., cannot be treated completely by medications. People require counseling and support from someone to get rid of these disorders. Also, people suffering from certain eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia also require counseling. Counselors are the healthcare professionals who use various methods to analyze the problems of the patients and provide effective solutions for them. Medications are used to very less extent in this type of treatment and more stress is given on building confidence and positive body image in the minds of the patients. Counselors exchange ideas and opinions from the patients and use various psychological methods in the treatment. They treat patients of all age groups and they have to apply different methods of treatment depending upon the age of the patient and their disorder. To know more about the counselor job description, read below.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Counselor:

The main responsibility of a counselor is to help the patient cure disease. To treat the disease, counselors provide step-by-step treatment to the patients. Here are some of the duties of the counselors:

Skills Required in Counselors:

Educational Qualifications of Counselors:

Counselors either require a bachelor's degree or a master's degree in counseling, mental health or social work. It takes minimum four years to complete a bachelor's degree and it takes about 2-3 years to complete a master's degree. Internships or on-job training will also help you in this career. If you have experience, you may get to work at higher position.

Compensation or Salaries Paid for Counselors:

The salaries vary largely depending upon the experience, state and many other circumstances. Average salary paid to a counselor is $45,000 per year. Some counselors even earn more than this while some are paid less.

Some senior counselors even arrange group therapy sessions individually. Hope the counselor job description given here helped you understand the job profile of a counselor.

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