Crime Scene Investigator Job Description

This job may have been glamorized in the past few years thanks to a few murder-mystery shows like CSI and Dexter, but do not let it take away the seriousness of the job. The crime scene investigator is the one of the main persons that helps solve a crime. Read up more on this important job in the crime scene investigator job description section.

The crime scene investigator is one the first person from the forensic team to be on the crime spot. They get to look at every detail of the scene just as it is, without any tampering. If you are faint hearted, then this not the profession for you. Crime may not necessarily be about murders only, it can also be other crimes like thefts or drug busts. Therefore do not expect gory scenes on the job every day.

The crime scene investigator could expertise in any particular area like fingerprints or blood spatter. These are the different areas of their expertise. The investigators have to prepare the report on the crime. The report has to be in extreme detail; hence, the report has to be accurate. The report will most definitely be used in the court of law. Therefore, the investigator needs to have an attention to detail.

The education required for the job has to be of the highest quality. Then one needs to clear a whole lot of exams to be able to work with the police department. Having a clean record yourself is the first requirement for this job. The work they do helps solve crimes and they could keep a criminal off the streets. This profession serves the civil society and the salary they get is good, not to mention the benefits that come with doing a high-risk job. This is just the a little information on the job. To know more, read the crime scene investigator job description.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Crime Scene Investigator

Education Required for the position of a Crime Scene Investigator

Career Advancement

They become senior investigator and then they get a chance to work with federal bureaus

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