Field Representative Responsibilities

Field representative is a professional who needs to carry out the assigned responsibilities while working on the field. The field representative may be employed in a wide variety of industries like insurance, finance, medical, software, engineering, etc., to support in the growth and development of that particular business organization. The field representative responsibilities are more or less similar; however, they may differ slightly depending on the kind of industries they are representing.

Key Responsibilities of a Field Representative

A field representative may have different titles like field sales representative, field support representative, field service representative, field account representative, etc. The responsibilities vary depending on the job title. To get a more clear idea, here is a detailed description of the key responsibilities that need to be handled by field representatives in various fields:

  1. Customer Field Representative: He is responsible for noting down the details and recording the consumption of gas, electric, water, steam, etc., in appropriate log books or entering the related data correctly in computers. He inspects the condition of the meters and carries out verification of readings in case the results are unusual. He reports to the concerned service personnel regarding the defects and discrepancies. He is responsible for updating the vital information of the clients and collecting the due payments from them.

  2. Sales Field Representative: He is responsible for making cold calls to the clients, following up with the leads, and acquiring prospective clients that would help in boosting up the sales figures. He carries out his field sales activities in the assigned areas and is responsible for implementing the strategies according to the given instructions. He may recommend steps that would help in successful sales campaigns. The basic thing that he needs to keep in mind is ultimately to achieve the sales targets given by the organization, thereby ensuring better business growth and development.

  3. Service Field Representative in Insurance Industry: He is responsible for handling the claim transactions and processing them and approving them according to the rules and regulations. He responds to the customer queries and communicates the relevant appropriate solutions to them. He recommends ways to improve the procedures that would ensure fast processing of claims.

  4. Medical Field Representative: To interact with the prospective customers, to understand their needs, to deliver products that best meet or surpass his expectations, to quote and negotiate prices, etc., are some of the basic duties that need to be performed by the medical field representative. He provides information on new products and makes sure that all the drugs have been supplied in sufficient quantities to the pharmacists and doctors. He assists the clients to make the best possible decisions and is involved in preparation of reports, contracts, and maintaining the data related to the customers.

Essential Skills

A field representative should be ready to travel and work on different field locations. He should be good at managing his own work by organizing the things appropriately. He should be able to handle pressure situations and deliver results even under stressful working conditions. He should be able to think out of the box and implement strategies that would help in delivering quality work. He should exhibit a high degree of self confidence and have capacity to prosper in a competitive work environment.

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements will differ depending on the type of industry he is working in. A bachelor's degree from an accredited university or a master's degree in the relevant field would be essential to make an entry. More than the education, it is the skills and attitude that will take your career to greater heights. However, for higher positions, advanced educational qualifications would definitely prove to be an advantage.

Work Schedule

The field representative is mostly required to work on the field to carry out the given responsibilities efficiently. He may design his own work schedule by adjusting the timings to suit the client's requirements. The general duty hours normally require him to work for forty to forty five hours per week and may need to work sometimes even on the weekends or holidays.

Salary Details

The entry level field representatives can get a salary in the range of $33,000 to $35,000. Those with experience can get a salary in the range of $50,000 to $75,000. It depends on a lot of other factors like type of industry, size of the organization, skills, location, etc.

Career Prospects

There are bright career prospects for the field representatives who carry out their duties with utmost dedication and commitment. If you prove your ability, you can be promoted to senior positions like a manager or a director.

Thus, if you are planning to climb up the ladder of success to ensure a lucrative career, then field representative responsibilities must be carried out efficiently and effectively.

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