Field Service Representative Responsibilities

Whenever a customer buys any product and if there are some technical or any other problem associated with it, then the first person that comes to his help is the field service representative who tries to resolve all the issues. He/she is an individual who represents the organization and carries out all the assigned servicing duties on the field as per the company's instructions, and is responsible for addressing the inquiries, queries, and issues of all the customers. Thus, field service representative responsibilities need to be handled in a professional manner so that the business goals can be achieved more easily.

Key Responsibilities of a Field Service Representative

The field service representative is responsible for handling a wide array of duties which are mostly dependent on the type of organization he/she is working in and the size of the company. The level of responsibilities that he/she needs to shoulder will vary from one company to another. To get a better idea, here are a few points that will help in determining as to what exactly are the key responsibilities that need to be handled by a field service representative in various sectors:

  1. Field Service Representative in a Technical Field: He/she is responsible for several duties like inspection, testing, installation, calibration, troubleshooting etc. He/she conducts on site field testing and provides technical directions to the clients. He/she identifies the technical problems and takes initiative to resolve those issues immediately. He/she is responsible for ensuring excellent customer satisfaction by demonstrating his/her committment and delivering quality services. He/she makes sure that the invoices packaging and other administrative functions alongwith the generation of service reports has been completed within the given time limit. He/she may be involved in taking important decisions that would eventually help in making profits for the organization. He/she conducts all the field work within the given budget taking into account the labor cost. While doing his/her work, he/she needs to comply with the company's policies and makes sure that he/she adheres by the safety regulations as well. He/she makes sure that the equipment/machinery is functioning as per the requirements and guides the client on the precautions that need to be taken to avoid further problems.

  2. Field Service Representative in Sales of Medical Devices: He/she is responsible for functioning as a professional liaison between the client and the organization. He/she is responsible for providing high quality professional customer services. He/she fits the medical devices on patients and gives detailed information about the same to the physicians, therapists, doctors and to the clinic staff members. He/she maintains the inventory and is responsible for training and educating the staff members on the organization's policies and procedures. He/she is responsible for conducting clinical visits upon requests and may need to perform other essential duties as well.

Essential Skills

To be able to carry out the duties satisfactorily, a field representative must be a self starter with excellent leadership skills. He/she should have a good business acumen with exceptional sales, service, and marketing skills. He/she should be totally customer oriented, should be able to resolve problems, and have excellent business management and organization skills. Strong communications skills is a must, and he/she should be able to convey the information to the clients in a clear and concise manner.

Educational Background

A high school diploma or GED is sufficient to make an entry as a field service representative. However, a bachelor's degree with some experience in the servicing industry or where customer interaction was involved would also prove to be of great help.

Work Schedule

The individuals who are ready to take up the job as a field service representative should be flexible to travel to any location as per the request of the clients. Thus, his/her daily schedule may be hectic, and may require him/her to work extra in the evenings or sometimes even on the weekends and holidays.

Salary Details

The average salary that is offered to a field service representative is $45,000. However, it may vary depending on the geographical location, type, and size of the organization. It also depends on the experience, skills, and educational background that an individual has.

Career Prospects

There is a huge scope for individuals aspiring to make a career in the servicing industry. Those who have demonstrated their skills and abilities have better chances for promotion to higher managerial positions.

Thus, to ensure a lucrative and successful career, you should be able to shoulder the field service representative responsibilities well.

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