Front End Developer Responsibilities

Front end developers are the web designers involved in displaying the data developed by the back end developers on the browser. They work in coordination with the back end developers who are mainly involved in data designing. The main responsibility of a front end developer is to upload the data in the web browser, making sure that the designs developed by the back end is not changed after the upload, and it is easily accessible from the browser. The front end developer need not know about the complex programming languages, complicated database structures, or path followed by the Illustrator. All they need to know is the basic knowledge of HTML, XSLT, and website linking knowledge.

Key Responsibilities

The core responsibility of a front end developer comprise designing the website for clients, modifying its looks and contents as per request, maintaining its core applications, and preserving the user interfaces accordingly. Front end developers have to work in coordination with web designers for designing the application based interface, and use semantic markup languages like XTMTL and CSS for converting static designs into navigable browser web page.

The key responsibilities of a front end developer comprise:

The responsibilities of a front end developer is often given in a project based assignment, and he has to complete the same in the specified deadline. He has to maintain his designs complying with the current industrial trends with respect to accessibility, usability, and latest technology exposure. He has to keep the team members updated on emerging technologies for integrating these emerging trends in the future projects.

Required Skills and Expertise

The skills required for being a front end developer are quite varied, and it depends mostly on the type of profile chosen. The basic requirement for successfully accomplishing the responsibilities of a front end developer is the knowledge of web development. As a front end developer, one has to be capable in both designing and development.

Skills required for being eligible to work as a front end developer comprise HTML and CSS specifications like W3C, WHATWG; HTML5 APIs including Canvas, Geolocation, Video, etc.; XHTML, JavaScript, Ajax, MySql; CSS Frameworks including Resets, Grids, CSS Pre-Processors , CSS2.1 / CSS3, etc. Along with this, one also needs to be competent in back end templating languages and technologies like .NET, PHP, Ruby,etc.; CMS WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla; data formats like JSON, XML, debugging tools involving Firebug, Document Object Model (DOM), etc.

Apart from this, one also has to be familiar with content strategy, cross browser development techniques, functional programming like Microdata / Microformats, mobile web development and performance, offline web applications, web font embedding and licensing, website speed performance, etc.

Salary Compensation

The annual average salary of a front end developer falls around $60,000 to $80,000, though the overall package mainly depends on the skills and experience of the developer. The highest package offered to the front end developer is around $120,000 per year.

The web world is expanding at an exponential rate, and for sustaining in this market and staying ahead of the competition, one has to be prepared with respect to future trends for making a mark in this competitive field of technology. If you have the necessary skills and expertise with you, obtaining a job in this profile can prove to be the best career decision for you.

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