Database Developer Job Description

A database is a collection of huge chunks of data in the form of integers, characters, strings, images, Boolean values, etc., that can be retrieved within seconds and used by the users. Database is usually used to store processed form of data. The raw data which is available with the users need to be processed manually and then stored in the database. Database also allows updation and deletion operations on the data that is stored. Every computer program needs the support of the database as a backend for its proper functioning. Hence database is very important and integral part of a software development system. This database development process is handled by a separate team of developers called database developers who design the database systems from scratch. The database developer job description given here will give you a precise idea about the functions and duties of this profile.

Academic Requirement for Database Developers

Most of the companies look for Computer Science graduates or postgraduates for the position of database developer. Therefore, you need to possess a degree in the respective field if you want to make a career as a database developer. Some small companies also recruit people without technical background having sound knowledge of database development. People who are interested in taking up database development as a career but do not have computer science background can undertake certification courses offered by Oracle Corporation and Microsoft. These are the trusted certification courses for database development.

Competencies Required for Database Developers

Database developers should have mastered database programming skills using database languages like Oracle, PL SQL and MS Access which are widely used. Expertise in writing queries and creating tables using Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) is also essential for database developers. Apart from database programming languages, they should have ability to design logic and understand the concepts of other programming languages which are used in the frontend development process. Sound logical skills and ability to develop code from scratch are also essential attributes required for database developers. If a person is working with cloud computing then databases like SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, SQL AZURE, Amazon RDS, and Google BigQuery are few that he should have expertise with.

Job Responsibilities of a Database Developer

The development process of a database is not carried out by individual but it takes a team of developers to build a database for the software. The job responsibilities of a database developer vary depending upon his position. If a person is a senior then he develops logic and if he is junior he may develop code accordingly. Here is a list of job responsibilities of a database developer in general.

Upgrading oneself regularly with the latest technologies in the market is essential to maintain a steeping graph of career in this profession. Learning newer versions of technologies will increase your market values and get you better employment opportunities. Hope the database developer job description, requirements and skills help you understand their duties.

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