Electrical Technician Responsibilities

Electricity is very important in our daily lives. Without electricity, we would be confined to total darkness. Whenever, we face problems related to electrical circuits or appliances, we need the electrical technician. An electrical technician is also called an electrician. He plays an important role in our daily lives by finding out the reason of electrical malfunction and rectifies the defect. He even prevents the defect from happening again and ensures the correct maintainance of the electrical appliance. The electrical technician responsibilities include starting, connecting, checking and keeping up the electrical systems for a variety of purposes like power, light, air conditioning, and refrigeration.

Key Responsibilities of Electrical Technician

The electrical technician constructs and maintains the electronic power for machineries in factories, industries, and trade. He consults the blue prints while working and installing electrical connections in factories, industries, homes, office buildings, and other places. The blue prints help him by showing the place of the electrical circuits, load centres, outlets, panel boards, and other equipments. He has the following key job responsibilities:

Working Conditions

He remains very busy throughout the day and his job is quite stressful. He may work and remain standing on ladders for long hours. He has the risk of suffering injuries from falls, cuts, and electricity, which is why, all the safety easures should be adopted. He has to work around 40 hours a week. Overtime may be required in the case of an emergency.


One has to learn the electrical trade by completing a 4 or 5 year old apprenticeship program. Some also learn the same through informal experience.

Salary of an Electrical Technician

He earns USD 40,000 per annum on an average.

Thus, electrical technician responsibilities include solving problems related to electrical appliances, circuits, and equipments.

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