Field Applications Engineer Job Description

Field application engineers are involved in providing technical support to technology companies with relevant on field job. They have to travel to various locations, collaborate with technical engineers for designing and developing the leading edge designs and products, and acquiring the product contracts. They also have to provide marketing solution for selling and marketing the newly designed technological products to various technology companies by providing different design approaches to them.

Key Responsibilities of Field Applications Engineer

Field application engineers have to work with manufacturer's representatives, regional sales managers, and customers for successful sales conversion. This also includes the pre sales activities, where one has to assist in formulating the product specification as per the customer's needs, and accelerate the sales procedure accordingly. Also, one has to design the training material involved in the technical field training, and assist in providing field training to the sales team.

The key responsibilities of a field application engineer comprise:

Required Qualifications and Skills

For accomplishing the role of field application engineer successfully, one must have the required knowledge and expertise in the related field of engineering. The basic qualification required for this role is a bachelor's degree in engineering or other technology related field like electronics, mechanics, or environmental science depending on the product line offered by the particular company. Though engineering graduates are preferred for this job, other technology graduates are also considered for this role.

Apart from the educational qualifications, certain skills are also needed for accomplishing the roles and responsibilities of field application engineer effectively. Field application engineers must have a good technological base for effectively understanding the technical specifications involved in application engineering, as they have to provide technical support, give technical presentations, and design and modify the application systems. Along with this, they must also have good interpersonal skills, strong oral and written communication skills, and good organizational skills for effectively communicating the technical specifications to the customers.

Working Conditions

Field application engineers mostly work in the sales office of a regional company or a design center. He has to keep traveling in the local areas on customer request. If he works for smaller companies, he often travels to local areas along with a salesman. Big corporate firms may send their field application engineers to further locations for resolving the customer's queries.

Salary Compensation

Estimated average annual salary for an entry-level field application engineer starts from $35,000, and it may extend up to $1,05,000 annually as one starts gaining the experience. The average salary of a field application engineer comes around $87,000 per year.

Field application engineers must be aware about the new products and new technology, and thus they are provided with on field training regarding the same by large companies. So if you wish to make a progressive career in this field, it is advisable to have a detailed knowledge about the roles and responsibilities of a field application engineer.

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