Field Service Manager Job Description

Field service manager is an important post in an organization responsible for carrying out and managing all the service related functions appropriately. Field service managers responsibilities comprise providing quality services to its clients by ensuring that he/she is completely satisfied with the services provided. He/she gives instructions to his/her field service team members and assists them in developing and planning a work flow.

Key Responsibilities of a Field Service Engineer

Field service manager is responsible for handling a team of highly skilled service engineer technicians. He/she is primarily responsible for enhancing the quality of services that are being provided to the customers. He/she conducts a thorough research to understand the exact needs of the customers. He/she makes sure that the work is delegated properly so that efficient services are being rendered to the end customer. Let us see in detail the key responsibilities that need to be handled by a field service engineer:

Thus, he/she plays a crucial role in the overall management of the service center.

Essential Skills

Educational Background

A field service engineer should have completed a high school diploma or a bachelor's degree in the relevant field. An individual who has previous work experience in the service industry along with some technical background also has bright chances of getting selected for that dream job. Those with higher qualifications have better chances for promotion.

Work Schedule

A field service manager needs to work both, inside the office and on the field as well. He/she may have varying work schedule and may need to travel long distances. His/her work may be physically hectic as well.

Salary Details

The salary is dependent on various factors like the experience, skills, educational background as well as the geographical location, size, and type of the organization he/she is working for. The minimum salary offered for a field service manager is 37,000 while the maximum can go up to the range of $91,000 to $113,000.

Career Prospects

There are ample opportunities for a field service manager to grow, both personally and professionally, and will ensure a lucrative salary package as well.

Thus, before you apply for the post of a field service manager, you should be aware of the field service manager responsibilities that need to be handled as well as the skills and academic background necessary to make it a huge success.

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