Executive Assistant Job Description

They are the assistants to the executives of the company. Each executive have a lot duties to handle, so they all need an assistant to manage all the different tasks at hand. Their assistants are the ones that do the major manual while, while the executive takes all the administrative decisions. For further information, read the executive assistant job description give for your benefit.

In a company, people occupying the big post are known as executives. They are entitled to have assistants to manage their daily schedule. These assistants handle everything; from taking phone calls to attending meetings on behalf of the executive, they have to be the right hand of the executive.

They have make the daily schedule for the executive first thing in the morning and have to make sure that they complete all the appointments. They have to take all the phone calls and put the important ones through. Before a meeting, the assistant has to make sure the executive is up to speed on the agenda of the meeting. If the executive requires it, the assistant will also take down the minutes of the meeting for later review.

One of the main skills required for this job are great communication skills as you will be representing the executive. The communication should be good, written and verbally as you have to correspond with many different people. The assistant may even have to assist the executive in their personal errands. Anything that will make life easier for the executive will be done by the assistant. The salary they make is quite decent and they get to learn management skills. The education required is not that much but it depends on the company policy and the choice of the executive. To know more about this post, read the executive assistant job description.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Executive Assistant

Education Required for the Position of Executive Assistant

Extra Skills

Career Advancement

They can move up in the management, granted that they study further and acquire the degrees. They move onto assisting the top brass of the management like CEO's and Chairmen.

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