Facility manager Job Description

Most offices are housed in a building. The person who is in charge of the building is known as the facility manager. The word facility also means a building. Therefore, this term is used for the person who manages everything related to the building. To increase your knowledge on this profession, read the facility manager job description.

The job of a facility manager is not just limited to office buildings. They are in charge of even large structures like shopping malls, stadiums, airports, train stations, etc. Maintenance of these buildings is no walk in the park; there could be many problems in the building and the managers have to attend to each problem immediately. This is the first duty in the facility manager job description they have to follow.

Facility managers have to hire a maintenance team for the building. They have to assign them duties and whenever they get a complaint, they have to send the correct worker. The common factors seen in all buildings is the piping and electrical systems. The facility managers have to make inspections regarding them on a regular basis. Any damage in them could compromise the safety of the whole building and the people in it.

Each building is also given a few codes to abide by. The codes include things like fire escape, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, etc. The managers have to ensure that all these codes are met. After all, they are in place for the safety of the people present in it. The facility managers have to coordinate with heads of all the offices that are present in the building. The heads can complain directly to the manager, and the manager will send up someone to solve their problem.

Facility managers also have to ensure cleanliness in the building. They have to appoint janitors and window cleaners to clean the building. If the building has a large parking, then they also have to hire parking attendants and ensure that no outsider parks in the parking. This is just an overview of their duties, to know more, read the detailed version of facility manager job description.

Duties and responsibilities

The job prospects for facility managers are good as bigger and better buildings are coming up by the day. These buildings are smarter and better, thus reducing the work of the facility manager. The education required is also not much but comparatively the salary is good.


Career Advancement

Facility managers get seniority in their existing posts. They also move on to managing more than one building at a time.

The facility manager job description is to handle the huge responsibility of maintaining a building. Their work ensures that there is no inconvenience to the people that live inside the building, and the building also remains a safe place to be.

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