Associate Financial Representative Responsibilities

Organizations offering financial services and products to their clients often recruit an associate finance representative for the purpose of business development. However, to state that business development makes up for all the associate finance representative responsibilities will be an understatement. The job of an associate finance representative covers various areas of client servicing and managing the schedules by prioritizing the tasks.

Starting from the very basic activity of business development, the associate finance representative is involved in a chain of events that are eventually aimed not just to find and acquire new clients, but also to maintain a proper workflow through coordination with the seniors, subordinates and any external agencies that are concerned with the organizations business.

An associate finance representative first researches for the prospective clients and then prepares a database to schedule meetings with these clients. When it comes to the existing clients of the organization, the associate finance representative take every measure to ensure that they are provided with the best customer service to ensure a cordial and long lasting professional relationship. Apart from these tasks, he is expected to manage the paperwork related to the delivery of financial services.

The associate financial representative is the face of the organization. While meeting the clients, he is expected to present accurate information to the clients. He should understand the requirements of different clients that may include high net worth individuals (HNI's), privately or publicly held organizations, etc.

Once you read the description of associate financial representative responsibilities, it will become easier for you to figure out all the duties of this individual and how he is expected to carry out all these duties for mutual benefit of the clients and the organization.

Contacting Clients and Scheduling Meetings

The associate financial representative searches and gathers information of the prospective clients. Once the database is prepared, he contacts all of them and asks to schedule meetings so that further details regarding the services offered by the organization can be discussed. Additionally, he prepares presentations for client meetings so that they are able to understand what the organization has to offer them.

Maintaining and Verifying Documents

The associate financial representative is accountable for the maintenance of paperwork of all the clients, either new or existing. This is important as it helps other staff in the department for further reference. He also verifies the information such as age, sex, financial background and other details provided by the clients. He updates the documents into electronic format so that the information can be retrieved even if the physical copies are damaged or destroyed.

Skills of an Associate Financial Representative

It is expected that an associate financial representative is knowledgeable with the most recent advancements in the capital market. He should be able to gather, interpret and present the statistics and other information to the clients or the departmental staff. Since this is a target based job, the associate financial representative is expected to be an excellent negotiator who can persuade clients to opt for organizations products and services. He should be able to lead the junior representatives in the absence of the financial manager and achieve the organizational goals with utmost efficiency and ensured client satisfaction.

Becoming an Associate Financial Representative

A bachelor's or master's degree in finance, statistics, business mathematics or a closely related course combined with an experience of working with a financial organization will help in reaching to this position. Some employers also recruit Chartered Financial Analysts for this position.

Career Scope for Associate Financial Representative

Salaries for associate financial representatives range from $28,000 to $60,000 based on individual's qualifications and other factors such as location of the organization and its operations.

Associate financial representative responsibilities explained above illustrate the importance of this position and the various tasks that an individual is expected to perform if selected for this position.

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