Financial Planner Responsibilities

The financial planner responsibilities include analyzing and getting to know the fiscal circumstances and aims of customers and aiding them with preparation for retirement. He discusses the various methods and procedures with the customers for submitting and requiting the taxes that are due or outstanding to the government.

He is expected to carry all his educational qualification certificates and other certificates to work and he should keep himself updated with the latest fiscal products and laws that have a relation with monetary resources, funds, assets and other computer related programs.

The financial planner responsibilities may vary from one place to another and also depend on the kind of company he works for. But he has some common key responsibilities that are stated as under:

Qualifications and Skills Required

The candidate should have a bachelor's degree in commerce with majors in accounting, finance or any other related field in the minimum. His having a master's degree in the same field or in business administration would be essential and suitable for this position. He must have good analyzing and problem solving skills that would make his job easier. He must have the ability to execute multiple projects at a given time and come out with suitable solutions to the intricate problems. He must be willing to work with a team and execute the fiscal projects under stress. He should be well acquainted with computer programs related to his field, so that he can complete his job duties, responsibilities, roles and functions in an effective way.

Working Conditions

He works in an office with the financial advisor and other subordinates and aids the customers in minimizing their investment risks. He remains buried in fiscal transactions and works on computers as well. He works for about 9 hours everyday and 45 hours a week. Working for 5 days a week is compulsory for him.


He draws a salary of USD 60, 000 to USD 65, 000 per annum on an average. This salary range is fixed and the amount inside this varies from one place to another depending on the size and kind of the company where he works.

Thus, the financial planner responsibilities include coming to terms with the fiscal conditions of the customers and helping them find investment opportunities with minimized risks.

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