Financial Planning and Analysis Manager Responsibilities

The financial planning and analysis manager responsibilities include the impelling, planning and analysis of fiscal contents that enable him to supervise the suitable examining implements of the company in order to achieve the aims and evaluate the execution of the functions and roles of the same by its workers. He grows, puts into effect and upholds these planning and analysis qualities very efficaciously.

He goes about discussing the various styles of the company's fiscal operations that are real and foretold with the help of proper metric systems. He advises the different styles, consequent results, vital activities and planned outcomes and follows-up the procedures and methods of disbursing the working capital of the company. The fiscal planning and analysis manager plays different roles in different companies, but has some key responsibilities that he executes everyday in any company. These are as follows:

Qualifications and Skills

The candidate should have a bachelor's degree in commerce with majors in accounts, finance or a related field. An MBA with majors in accounts and finance would be an asset to the company. He should have 5 years of expertise under his belt, as the administrator or decision maker of a fiscal planning and analysis department of a company or 10 years of fiscal and accounting experience with an erstwhile company. He should have good written and oral communicariion skills. He should be able to head a team and think creatively and be highly motivated. He should be able to execute projects with team members and should have good computer skills related to this field.

Working Conditions

He works in an office for about 9 hours daily and remains very busy with fiscal analysis, planning and dealings. He has 5 working days, out of which he has to work overtime on 2 working days. He remains burried in fiscal reports and implementation of fiscal plans throughout the day.


A financial planning and analysis manager draws an average salary of USD 1,00, 005 per annum. But this may vary from one place to another and also depend on the kind of company he works in.

Thus, the financial planning and analysis manager responsibilities include working as the analyzer and planner of the fiscal contents and matters of that company.

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