Financial Reporting Accountant Responsibilities

The financial reporting accountant responsibilities include organizing, scrutinizing and studying the account records, commercial enterprise statements and other fiscal presentations to evaluate the exactness, wholeness and agreement with presentation and methodical regulations. He enhances, puts into effect, changes and writes evidence storing accounts systems which are computer assisted.

He also reports the fiscal condition of the company to the administration and organizes accounts tables and allocates the submissions to proper accounts. He studies the different business operations that have been executed by the officers of the company and advises the company about its fiscal status. He also examines the styles, prices, incomes and fiscal dedications to communicate the future incomes and expenditures.

Key Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a financial reporting accountant differ from one company to another. But his overall key responsibilities are the same. They are as follows:

Qualifications and Skills

The candidate must have a bachelor's degree in commerce with majors in accounts, finance or a related field. A master's degree in the same would be very beneficial to him. A candidate who is a master of business adminstration would be the perfect choice for this position. He also needs to possess certain certificates that would confirm that he had done courses in the related fields. Apart from all these, he needs to have some experience in the field of finance or accounts. He needs to have a sharp mind and great analytical skills in order to crack the analytical problems. He may have to handle many projects at the same time under stress. Having good communication skills would be an asset to the company. He must be ready to work in a team.

Working Conditions

He works in an office for about 9 hours a day and 45 hours a week. He functions 5 days a week and his is a fast paced environment, where he would need to perform very well in order to execute his job responsibilities.


He draws an average salary of about USD 50, 861 per annum. But this may vary from one place to another depending on the kind of company where he executes his job responsibilities.

Thus, one of the financial reporting accountant responsibilities includes reporting fiscal matters to the management of the company in order to judge the fiscal condition of the same.

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