Financial Reporting Analyst Responsibilities

The financial reporting analyst responsibilities include evolving and coming up with the inside and outside fiscal presentations and reports of the company where he works. He presents an elaborate fiscal report and studies and examines the active and approaching fiscal styles of the company in order to bring about modifications in the fiscal schemes, enhance the overall fiscal state of the company and maintain its consistency.

He makes and maintains a wide range of fiscal reports that give an idea as to what all is happening inside the company and utilizes the fiscal computer software systems and information grounds in order to enhance or improve the presentations and reports of the disbursals, incomes, assets, liabilities and settlement of the conflict reports. He also helps the accounts personnel with presenting reports on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis and also keeps an account of the miscellaneous records and periodical submissions.

The financial reporting analyst has many responsibilities that differ from one company to another, but his basic key responsibilities remain the same everywhere. They are as under:

Qualifications and Skills

The candidate applying to this post should have a bachelor's degree in commerce with majors in accounts or finance or in a related field. He could also have a bachelor's in business management and some years of experience in the field of fiscal reporting analysis. Having advanced courses in accounts or finance or a related field would also be considered fit for this role. Also, having a master's degree in business administration and some years of working expertise in this field would be considered as assets to the company. Apart from all these, he must be familiar with the fundamental software computer skills. Having good communication and managerial skills and an ability to solve analytical problems would be additions to the efficienct productivity of the company. He must have a sharp eye for details and should be able to rise to everybody's expectations by handling multiple projects and executing them within the given time.

Working Conditions

He works in an office and helps the customers in making fiscal decisions. He travels to other companies and talks a lot over the phone. He attends many meetings and has to complete his targets within the given time. He works for about 9 hours everyday from Monday to Friday and might have to work overtime in order to meet the deadlines.


A financial reporting analyst draws about USD 73, 000 per annum. But this may vary from one company to another and also depend on the place where the company is located.

Thus, the financial reporting analyst responsibilities include working as a financial analyst of the company where he helps the customers in making fiscal decisions and also determines the fiscal status of the company.

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