Financial Advisor Job Description

A financial advisor aids the company in financial investment and asset management. Financial advisors also handle the insurance related issues of the clients and help them in making comprehensive plans in future investments. A financial advisor is sometimes employed in an organization or a firm and sometimes he is self-employed. Self-employed financial advisors may help individuals or some small organizations in making financial decisions while those employed in a firm work only for that firm and their area of work is restricted. To know more about a financial advisor job description you can refer below.

Clients mostly seek help of the financial advisors if they are making big investment plans such as investing in house, shares, business, etc. Some clients also seek help from the financial advisors when they are investing in some insurance plans for future savings.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Financial Advisor:

Skills Required in Financial Advisor:

Educational Requirements for a Financial Advisor:

A financial advisor should posses a bachelor's degree or master's degree in law, finance, accounting, marketing, etc. People who purse degree in law and finance have better opportunities in this field as compared to others.

Most of the firms also look for a certified financial advisor. Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) are some of the certification courses available for financial advisors. If you are looking for an opportunity with some bigger firms then you should acquire one of these certifications.

The salary of a financial advisor varies depending upon the organization he is associated with and his qualification. If a person is self-employed his earnings depend upon his client tie-ups. Hope the financial advisor job description given above helped you.

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