Firefighter Job Description

Fighting fire and saving lives is the main duty in the firefighter job description. They save lives and prevent properties from getting damaged. They are the unsung heroes that make the lives of common public safe.

Firefighting is also considered to be a noble profession because they save human lives on a daily basis. They are the first to receive calls in case of emergencies. They are stationed in fire stations and are alerted if there is any kind of emergency in the nearby area. They reach the spot in a fire truck which has a siren on it, so the public can move out of the way and let them drive through immediately.

In case there is an accident, they administer first aid to the victim and radio in ambulances so the victim can be rushed to the nearest hospital. If there is a fire or chances of fire, they immediately douse the vulnerable area with water that is in the truck. If that water is not enough, they connect the fire hose to fire hydrants and get water to douse the flames.

Each firefighter has their specific duty. Some of them drive the trucks because fast and efficient driving is required to reach the accident spot on time. While others designated as pump handlers and tillers handle the water and the mechanized ladders respectively. Dividing duties ensures that each one knows what they have to do and there is no delay in providing emergency support.

Firefighters work for the city official and other government authorities. However, there are a few private organizations that also provide this service. This profession is risky hence the firefighters have to stay in good shape. They should all know basic first aid training and should also know how to operate oxygen tanks as carrying them is a must when they are fighting with fire. They also have to make use of axes to breakdown doors and walls where people could be trapped.

One unconventional duty that is a part of the firefighter job description is animal rescue. They even rescue animals that are trapped or are in distress. They work with the animal rescue department in case the animal is trapped in a place that can only be reached by firefighters with their equipment. There have been cases where they have rescued animals like dogs and cats that have been trapped in trees or on electric poles.

Firefighters are important members of the society and their presence makes the common public feel safe. There are many other duties the firefighters perform to ensure public safety, to know them all, read the firefighter job description given below which carries all the information in detail.

Responsibilities and Duties of a Firefighter

Firefighters receive a good salary and benefits as their profession involves a lot of risk. They have to be physically and mentally sound to handle emergency situations. The education required to become a firefighter is very basic, but bravery is one quality not everyone possesses.

Education Needed According to a Firefighter Job Description

Career Advancement

Firefighters get promoted to the post of fire chief. With further education, they can also become fire marshals who investigate fire causes and do safety inspections for the city officials.

The firefighter job description is a lot more than just fight fires. They risk their lives to ensure safety of others and are an important part of any community.

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