Groundskeeper Job Description

The job of a grounds keeper is quite different from what we have seen the show The Simpsons. It also differs from what we have read about grounds keeper Hagrid in the Harry Potter series. To know what exact requirement of this profession is, read the grounds keeper job description we are providing for read.

The title itself is quite self explanatory' grounds keeper means that they are in charge of the upkeep of the grounds and gardens. Hold on, there is more to this profession. They require a lot skill for this job as this job is not just about hard work. In the ground, there could be flowers, shrubs, buses etc. the grounds keepers have to look after all of them, which means need to have good knowledge about gardening as well.

The employment opportunities for them are quite good as they can jobs in many places. They can find employment in places like golf clubs, botanical gardens, sports grounds, schools, etc. The only requirement is that they have to be good at their craft.

Regarding the trees, they have to water them and trim their branches on a regular basis. For flowers and shrubs, they have to water them and have proper manure for them. Only then will the flowers and shrubs grow well. For the grass, which is important for any sport, the groundskeeper has to trim it regularly and keep it clean. Grass is important for many sports like soccer, football, field hockey etc.

The grounds keepers can enter gardening competition and can earn extra prize money if they like. These points of the groundskeeper job description are valid for keepers working in gardens and other such places, but the duties for grounds keeper working in places like schools, colleges and sporting complexes are different.

The grounds keepers working here have to take care of the grounds and the sporting equipment. They have to keep a close watch on the equipment and make sure that none of it goes missing. They need to have an inventory, and they have to inform the authorities if there is any requirement for more equipment. However, there are more different kinds of gardening duties, but to know, you must read the grounds keeper job description we are providing below in detail.

Duties and Responsibilities


Career Advancement

If one is really good at his job, they can become professional gardeners and charge good money for their services. Hopefully, the grounds keeper job description we provide will guide you in the right direction regarding this profession.

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