Head Nurse Job Description

Nurses aid the doctors in clinics and hospital in administrative tasks as well as in providing health care facilities. In bigger hospitals there is a team of nurses who are handed various responsibilities in various wards and departments of the hospital. The individual team of these nurses is managed by a head nurse. A head nurses also performs all the duties that are generally performed by a nurses but the only difference is that the head nurse manages most of the administrative duties and is at the senior level of the management. Here is a head nurse job description given for your help.

Duties and Responsibilities



To become a nurse one has to purse a 4 year degree program in nursing and should undergo training programs in the same. There are various nursing programs that offer licensure for the nurses. Certified and licensed nurses are in great demand these days. Head nurses should also have serviced as nurses for more than 4-5 years.


A head nurse earns about $64,789 per annum as per the U.S. Labor Statistics. The wages are dependent upon the state and many other factors, so they may vary.

The head nurse job description given by us is aimed at providing you the best information. Hope it helped you understand the head nurse duties.

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