Executive Pastry Chef Responsibilities

The pastries and desserts are loved by all and the executive pastry chef is the person responsible for undertaking their preparation. The executive pastry chef is a good career opportunity for all the cooking and pastry lovers. They are the professional bakery product experts and are responsible for the restaurantís baking and dessert operations. They generally supervise the bakery department in the hotels, restaurants, and bakeries and guide the pastry chefs and assistant pastry chefs in pastry preparation. In addition to overseeing the pastry preparation, the executive pantry chef is also responsible for ordering supplies and observing the sanitation regulations.

The executive pastry chef oversees the production of pastries, sweets, breads, ice creams, toppings and fillings. He or she is the expert of creation, execution, and presentation of pastries and desserts. The executives are generally hired in higher-end establishments like casinos, hotels, restaurants, resorts, private catering companies, etc. The pastry chef has to undertake a lot of physical as well as mental hard work. The job requires a certain level of physical fitness and ability to pay close attention to various cooking aspects.

To become an executive pastry chef, a candidate must have at least five years of experience as a pastry chef. Also, the candidate must be creative enough to develop their own pastries and have adequate creativity in designing and decorating the pastries. They must also possess expert artistic abilities to make their pastries and desserts appealing to the eye. The executive pastry chefs are generally answerable to the sous chef and the executive chef. They usually provide them the details of their team, groceries used, requirements, etc. They also interact with other chefs to plan the menus, take a note of the necessary requirements, and to make any changes.

To become an executive pastry chef, a candidate needs to undertake proper qualification and experience. Also, the candidate must possess essential skills and knowledge about the job responsibilities undertaken by an executive pastry chef. The below given information about the educational qualification, skills, and executive pastry chef job responsibilities will help you understand all the essential requirements to become an executive pastry chef. This information will also help you in planning your career in this field.

Educational Qualification

The candidate applying for the position of executive pastry chef is expected to possess an associateís or bachelorís degree in Hotel Management or Culinary Arts and minimum experience of three to five years as an assistant pastry chef. Along with the bachelorís qualification, the candidate is also expected to possess a substitute course of baking and pastry making at a culinary institute. Many a time, huge hotels, casinos, and restaurants prefer candidates with masterís degree in Culinary Arts or Hotel Management for the post of executive pastry chef.

Key Skills of Executive Pastry Chef

Supervising the assistant pastry chefs and maintaining an ideal pastry kitchen are some of the major skills of an executive pastry chef. Along with these skills, the candidate must possess the following skills too:

Executive Pastry Chef Responsibilities

Supervising the pastry preparation staff and kitchen is the main responsibility of an executive pastry chef. Along with this, he or she is also responsible for undertaking other job responsibilities which are as follows:

Salary of an Executive Pastry Chef

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of an executive pastry chef lies in between $30,000 to $50,000. However, this range may fluctuate according to the hotel, restaurant, or casino you are working with. Also, many executive pastry chefs with good educational qualification and experience are paid handsomely and receive an annual salary of about $100,000.

The above mentioned information about the executive pastry chef responsibilities will help you to understand the work tasks and work nature of an executive chef. The job of an executive pastry chef is a highly responsible job, as any small mistake can spoil the entire preparation and hard work. Thus, a candidate applying for the job of an executive chef should possess adequate skills and must be aware of all the responsibilities of an executive chef. The above mentioned responsibilities, skill, and educational qualifications sections will help you in planning your career as an executive chef.

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