Guest Service Representative Responsibilities

Guest service representative needs to handle a realm of responsibilities and typically needs to work in a fast paced work environment. He/she needs to face new challenges everyday, and ensure that the assigned duties have been carried out effectively. Thus, efficient handling of guest service representative responsibilities will lead to better customer satisfaction, thereby ensuring better business development.

Key Responsibilities of a Guest Service Representative

The basic objective of the guest service representative is to provide detailed information to the visitors about the facilities and treat them in the best possible way by offering exceptional services. He/she is responsible for ensuring complete satisfaction to the visitors from the time they check in till they check out. Moreover, he/she needs to ensure that the guests will experience memorable moments, so that they will be tempted to revisit the hotel again. To better understand the role of guest service representative, here is a list of the key responsibilities that need to be performed by a guest service representative:

  1. To ensure high level of customer satisfaction by promptly responding to the requests and inquiries from the customers, management, and supervisors
  2. To attend the guests personally, listen carefully to their requirements, to address their issues promptly, and to ensure that you apologize and find the right solution for their problems
  3. To welcome the guests properly and ensure that the check in procedures, registration, room and keys allocation, etc., have been done appropriately
  4. To stay updated on the current schemes, services, and facilities that have been provided by the hotel management and to provide these details to the incoming guests
  5. To maximize the revenue by convincing the guests that how additional facilities and services will benefit them by paying a slightly higher price
  6. To ensure complete cleanliness and hygiene and to make sure that all the rules and regulations are being adhered by the visitors

The guest service representative is responsible for handling all the cash, checks, and credit card payments and obtaining the relevant approval. He/she is also involved in various housekeeping activities and ensures that there in no room left for the guests to complain. He/she keeps a track and reviews the reports related to room occupancy and availability. He/she is responsible for posting charges to appropriate accounts and ensuring that accurate bills have been submitted to their customers. Thus, the prime responsibility remains to ensure customer satisfaction, thus leading to broadening the horizons for the hotel.

Essential Skills

A guest service representative should possess outstanding people management skills, as he/she constantly needs to interact with a diverse range of people. While greeting the guests, he/she should be able to maintain a polished and professional tone. He/she should be able to remain cool during unpleasant situations or while dealing with irate guests. He/she should be able to respond quickly and promptly in difficult situations. He/she should have tremendous self control and should be comfortable working under stressful work environment. He/she should be able to plan his/her work according to the priorities and should be able to follow the given instructions properly.

Educational Requirements

The basic educational requirement to be able to apply for the post of a guest service representative is that an individual must have completed high school diploma, GED, or any other equivalent qualification. Those with proficiency in computers and experience in customer handling will definitely get preference.

Work Schedule

A guest service representative usually works in rotational shifts; his shift timings may be in the early mornings, evenings, or at late nights. He/she may be required to work overtime whenever there are more number of guests visiting the hotel, especially during holidays and weekends.

Salary Details

The minimum hourly salary offered is in the range of $7 to $9, whereas the maximum salary that can be offered is $31 to $36 on an hourly basis. It, however, varies depending on the location, size, and type of the hotel he/she is working in. Previous work experience, skills, and knowledge are equally the key deciding factors that will determine the final salary package.

Career Prospects

The demand for guest service representatives will definitely be on rise as the hotel industry will continue to flourish in the coming years. Those who prove their abilities will definitely get promoted to higher managerial and supervisory positions.

Thus, if you want to ensure success and a rewarding career, then you should be able to shoulder the guest service representative responsibilities efficiently and effectively.

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