Hotel Manager Job Description

The hotel industry is one of the biggest industries, and as the economy of the world is accelerating at a high pace, this sector is also growing at the rate of knots. There are hotels coming up by the dozens in good tourist destinations, and what does each hotel require for smooth functioning; a hotel manager. To know more about this profession, read the hotel manager job description given for your knowledge.

Hotels could have scores of employees and even in hundreds, to manage all the employees, we need a hotel manager. They are in charge of all the employees. They have to assign them duties according to their capabilities. They also have to hire employees, and make sure they receive proper training in hospitality.

Hospitality is the most important factor in any hotel; hence, the manager is responsible for each employee to serve the guest of the hotel in a polite manner. They have to look into all the customer complaints, only then can develop the hotel further if all the customers are well looked after. They have to look at the books of account closely and make sure that no customer overstays their welcome.

Many times, reservations are made well in advance by the guests; hence the manager has to make sure all the reservation are taken into account so no confusion is created regarding the rooms. Many of the hotels also have their own restaurants; the manager is also responsible for these restaurants.

The manager has to look after the up-keep of the other services provided by the hotels like gymnasium, swimming pool, spas etc. The manager has to personally welcome important guests so that a good impression is created about the hotel.

The hotel managers have a lot responsibility on their shoulders but all of it is worth it, because they earn a decent salary with benefits. However, it takes a lot hard work and experience for one to qualify for this post. To know more about this job, read the hotel manager job description provided in detail below.

Duties and responsibilities of a hotel manager

Education required by a hotel manager

Career Advancement

The hotel managers can move up to managing big five star and seven star hotels, where the salaries and benefits are even bigger.

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