How to Write a Job Description

A job description communicates the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, salary and other details entailed by the profile. It is a snapshot of the job and helps you learn all the aspects of a particular profile. Before you really begin writing a job description, you should understand the kind of people referring it and the purpose of your job description. If you are an employer and looking for successful aspirants seeking employment in the position for which you are looking then you should write your job description in a different manner; and if you are writing it to give a clear idea to the job seekers about the job profile in which they are looking for an opportunity, then you should write it in a different manner. Sketching a job description for either purpose can be much easier if you understand the minute difference between the objectives in both the scenarios and know how to write a job description.

How to Write a Job Description - For Employers

As you are hiring employees for your organization, you will definitely look for candidates that match the criteria and skills required by your company. If you want to get best out of the pool of candidates searching for a job then you should be clear and precise in specifying your requirements in your job description. Properly structure your job description in a step-by-step manner which can be easily read by the reader and he can summarize the requirements. This will also help you in getting apt job applications suiting your specifications.

Here are some of the points that should be covered in your job description:

Title of the Job/Position This should necessarily come at the beginning of your job description so that the candidate gets a clear idea of the position for which he/she is applying

Department Name - Name of the department such as finance, marketing, operations, IT, sales, etc., should also mentioned

Location - Your company may have many branches at different locations and cities, it is necessary that you mention the location and the city name for which you are looking forward to hire a candidate. Some candidates are interested in working in some particular locations, it might help them

Compensation - The average annual compensation or salary that you can offer for the employee should also be mentioned

Define Position - A short summary of the position as per your organization's standards should be given in this section

Responsibilities and Duties - Here you can list four to five most important duties that the candidate should be able to handle and which are important for your organization

Key Skills Required - Key skills or the credentials which are important to increase the productivity of your company and which can make the employee stand out

Qualifications Required - Educational qualifications that are necessary to get hired for the particular position should be mentioned here

Employment Terms - Every company has some terms of employment that should be discussed with the employee prior to hiring him/her. It is not necessary that you go into details of this here but highlight some of the important terms and discuss in detail.

You can include any other information that is important from your point of view to filter and seek the best candidates for your company.

How to write a job description - to help job seekers in employment

Job seekers when looking for a particular position begin searching for a job by understanding the job profile and the requirements of the profile. They may look for help in various sources online which can give them a detailed account and help them proceed in their job search.

While writing job description for such purpose, you are simply supposed to list the responsibilities, key competencies, educational qualifications, salaries, career outlook, employment opportunities and growth opportunities of a particular position. Make a proper format that can help the job seeker easily sketch out the details he is looking for. Most of the job seekers also take help of such job description in drafting their resumes and cover letters.

We have tried to present these job description writing tips to help you write a job description as per your perspective and requirement. Hope we successfully helped you know how to write a job description.

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