ICU Nurse Job Description

There are many different kinds of nurses; one of them is an ICU nurse. They are the nurses that work in the intensive care unit of a hospital and take care of the critical patients. To know about the various duties they have in the ICU, read the ICU nurse job description given below for your information.

ICU nurses have slightly different duties as compared to normal nurses. The patients who are admitted in the ICU are in serious condition and have to be monitored constantly. The nurses have to pay close attention to all the patients, and have to look at their vital statistics like temperature, blood pressure, pulse, etc.

Another important task in an ICU nurse job description is to look after the various life support equipment. They have to look closely if the instruments are in working order or not as the patient's life depends on these equipments. If they find that the equipment is not functioning properly, they have to call in the maintenance crew to get the repairs done immediately.

Interns are also present in the ICU's and are in charge of monitoring the patients. The nurses have to coordinate with them and inform them immediately if any patient's condition worsens. The senior doctors make rounds in the morning and write down orders for each patient. The nurses have to order medicines according to the doctor's order and administer them as per instructions.

The interns present in the ICU are mostly still students, hence, the experienced ICU nurses have to guide them and teach them about patient care. They also have to teach the new ICU nurses about patient care as nursing duties in an ICU differ from duties elsewhere.

Hygiene is of utmost importance in an ICU. The nurses are responsible for the cleanliness of the patients. They have to ensure that the patients are given sponge baths every day. If the patients are in an unconscious state, they have to ensure that the adult diapers and catheters are changed in time. They also have to move the patient from one side to the other to prevent the patient from getting bed sores. For more detailed information, read the ICU nurse job description given in bulleted points below.

Duties and responsibilities of an ICU nurse

Education needed for ICU nurse

Career Advancement

After gaining experience in this field, ICU nurses can become nurse educators where they can train new nurses. With further studies, they can also become nurse practitioners.

The ICU nurse job description is to provide care to patients who are already in a critical state. They play an important part in the recovery of a patient.

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