Auto Damage Appraiser Responsibilities

Auto damage appraisers are also known as automobile insurance appraisers and their main job function is to determine the extent of damage and total repair cost of an automobile on behalf of the automobile insurance company. An auto damage appraiser's job responsibilities go beyond merely appraising the value of a damaged vehicle as they also carry out other tasks such as coordinating with repair technicians and determining value on vehicles that have been completely damaged. With the increasing number of fraud insurance claims, the role and importance of an auto damage appraiser is invaluable for any insurance firm as they have to check the validity of the claim and consult with local law enforcement authorities whenever required. It is an exciting line of work with many career advancement options and job opportunities.

Main Job Responsibilities of an Auto Damage Appraiser

There are a number of job functions that are carried out by an auto damage appraiser while carrying out his/her responsibilities. Some of them have been given below:

Additional job responsibilities of an Auto Damage Appraiser

Beyond the tasks mentioned above, there are a few other job tasks that are also carried out by auto damage appraisers.

Skills Required

An auto damage appraiser should have good knowledge about the various prices and ongoing trends in the automobile industry. They should have a basic idea about how the approximate repairs of a damaged vehicle by performing a simple examination on the basis of the automobile model and the extent of damage. They should possess good listening and communication skills while finding out details about the accident and explaining the extent of the insurance cover to the customer. For this reason, they should also have good interpersonal skills as they have to coordinate with a number of different people as part of their daily job functions. As most forms and paper work related insurance claims and vehicle damage have been changed into the electronic format, it is necessary for an auto damage appraiser to have adequate knowledge about the various software programs involved in this line of work.


To work as an auto damage appraiser, a high school diploma along with some form of prior experience in the field of automobile insurance or knowledge about automobile damage and repair work is deemed necessary. However, some hiring insurance firms may require their candidates to possess a graduation degree with some specialized training in insurance related subjects. Relevant experience in the field is generally considered to be a higher factor than educational qualifications for jobs belonging to this field.

Thus, an auto damage appraiser's responsibilities mainly consist of determining the damage of the repairs of an automobile covered by an insurance plan and negotiating the cost of repairs with the specific technicians.

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