Insurance Consultant Job Description

Most people find it difficult, especially when it's about opting the right insurance provider as well as policy. All these queries are little common when a person attempts to navigate in the insurance world.

Some people prefer to choose by themselves, while others hire an insurance professional or consultant to assist them in finding the best insurance coverage as per their requirement. However, consultants are more helpful than just advising to pick the right provider.

These advisors often deal with number of duties and assisting the clients with almost any level of issue related to insurance is their main objective. In general, insurance consultant responsibilities involve the basic management of finance, related risk in future and regulatory functions, monitoring the claim activities and underwriting of a department or company, marketing and selling policies as well as services as a representative of the provider company.

These consultants are professionals who use the mathematical and statistical knowledge to determine the financial risks in the client's future and help them pick the right option that will match their needs.

They also provide long term financial forecast that can be used by the government and organizations to resolve existing financial crisis and plan out for the future. Clients can include individuals, organizations and even the government.

Advisors also evaluate client needs depending on the current data about the insurance industry and provide insurance modifications in insurance plans. There are two types of insurance advisors, one who works with the corporate companies to develop health and insurance plans as well as risk management program for the employees, and the other advises individuals in selecting the best life and health insurance coverage.

The objective of both type of consultants is to help their client in getting the best quality insurance coverage for the minimum outlay in premiums. They can specialize in various types of insurance, for example, property and assets, casualty, life insurance, etc. Some are independent consultants, whereas others work as a part of a team in insurance consulting firms.

Responsibilities Of Insurance Consultant

These insurance experts provide a range of services to customers, which may include advising on general insurance, pensions, risk management, HR management, corporate recovery, acquisitions and mergers and financial projects. Insurance advisors are responsible for pitching options of insurance to clients and encouraging them to pick and purchase those policies that will meet their needs. These individuals basically focus on the responsibilities and their routine duties include:

Educational Qualification Required For Insurance Consultant

Generally, this profession demands a bachelor's degree in a field like finance, business management or economics. Candidate with a master's degree in business administration can take benefit to lead a department or team. Most employers look for candidates with relevant experience of sales and insurance industry. In addition, organizations seek for individuals who have experience of working in professional services consulting and relationship management.

Skills Required


Insurance advisors typically prefer to specialize in one type of insurance such as corporate, health, life or unemployment. They can work with insurance firms and brokers or can be self employed and can perform specific roles such as managing consultant or risk management specialist who keeps the team working efficiently and smoothly, in addition to searching for new clients.

So it can be said that insurance consultant responsibilities basically revolves around providing quality consulting and knowledge about various insurance products to the clients and recommend the one that will suit their condition well.

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