ABAP Developer Responsibilities

ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming and is the programming language created by software company SAP in order to develop their various enterprise software program solutions that are used in various business processes and departments. An ABAP developer's responsibilities consist of creating various SAP modules with the help of the ABAP programming language and tweaking it as per the client's requirements. The various aspects of software development cycle such as planning, coding, implementation, testing and support have to be performed by them. With the increasing reliance on SAP solutions by most corporate agencies, the role played by a SAP ABAP developer cannot be stressed enough as they are ones who implement the ideas put forward by analysts and consultants into a fully functioning enterprise software program.

Responsibilities of an ABAP developer

Besides coding and developing a SAP module with the help of the programming language, ABAP developers perform a number of other tasks, some of which are given below:

Skills Required to be an ABAP developer

Extensive prior experience in the field of ABAP programming and SAP modules is an essential skill set required for any person to pursue a career as an ABAP developer. They must have good analytical and problem solving skills in order to carry out their daily functions effectively. In depth knowledge of SAP systems such as FICO, MM and HR is also required for ABAP developers. Prior experience in object oriented programming, ABAP lists and other related fields is also a prerequisite for jobs in this field. In order to communicate with a number of people such as clients, users and other developers, they must possess excellent oral and written communication skills as well as good interpersonal abilities. They must have the capability to work well in a team-based environment as well as on their own since the organizational structure of ABAP developers varies from one company to another.


A bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering or software engineering is the minimum educational qualification required for this job. Additional courses in SAP ABAP programming from a certified SAP training institute or an online source is also a requirement for the position of an ABAP developer. Knowledge about other programming languages and SAP modules is not mandatory; however those possessing it have an advantage over other applicants for the same job. Prior experience as an ABAP developer is also sought after by my hiring organizations.

Work Conditions

Most ABAP developers work in an office based environment with good working conditions. They work in a 40 hour schedule with overtime hours whenever required by the client or the management. There may be a lot of psychological pressure during the time of project deadlines and reporting as deadlines are expected to be met at all costs.

Career Advancement

They can move to the position of a senior ABAP developer on the basis of good performance and experience in the organization. Advancement to managerial positions is also possible if the individual possesses the required qualifications and meets the criteria for the job opening.

Thus, an ABAP developer's responsibilities involve the various tasks associated with developing SAP modules and enterprise solutions for business organizations with the help of the ABAP programming language.

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