ERP Developer Responsibilities

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a scheme which was brought into effect in order to transport the conclusion making data from all the sections of a firm into one single place. Initially, when ERP was brought into force, each section in a firm was regarded as an autonomous entity and was preoccupied with its own activity and once that got over, it was not concerned about what befell next. This led to a number of intricacies and resulted in a lot of disturbances and unhappy clients. The ERP developer responsibilities include enforcing and influencing the evolutionary attempts of the ERP applications.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Describing, specializing, enforcing, and testing application elements to help the utilizes of Oracle and maximal ERP
  2. Bringing out task plans for all ERP improvements. Functioning effectively in a work situation that is unusual
  3. Covering, trailing, and communicating statuses and matters depending on sectional outlined covering models.
  4. Managing straightforward reports and other display matters. The ERP developer should question and hire members and assess their feats. He nominates the work to different staff members based on the priorities, advises the staff members, and checks the quality of the work by the same
  5. Working with staff developers in different situations
  6. Studying and distributing help documents related to customizations, designs, and reports. He also looks into complex matters and decides the correct curative action
  7. Reviewing codes and providing assistance to group members who have very little expertise
  8. Working with the development staff in a matrix distributed situation
  9. Taking part in the development of long reach strategies and aims
  10. Enforcing architectural procedures for projects
  11. Beginning, following, and getting the work done by leading a team of software engineers using standard procedures
  12. Creating and maintaining ERP designs and coding standards as well as providing custom coding. Also, when the functionality of the active system is not as much as the business needs, the ERP developer has to test customized extensions to Oracle applications
  13. Noting down the requirements and operative patterns for small to big reports and projects
  14. Gaining an insight into the present trading procedures and preparing recommendations for changes that may have better effectiveness and quality.
  15. Encountering end users to study business methods, realize needs, and recommending technical answers
  16. Creating and making architecture and technical documents up to date for follow up and approval
  17. Revaluating and favoring business needs and functional certifified documents brought forth by the staff members and others
  18. Meeting needs by collecting applications and working on Oracle 11i regular tools to modify. Troubleshooting techie matters and following other team members' work.
  19. Repairing software defects, bringing out testing ideas for different units, and checking software, interfaces, and schemes
  20. Developing and creating interfaces from various applications within and out of oracle 11i
  21. Keeping himself up to date with the latest technologies. Listing all functional and operational data necessary for preparation
  22. Solving doubts by gathering information

Qualifications and Skills

In order to qualify for the post of an ERP developer, one must have a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field. He should have worked with fast formulas, oracle work flows, alerts, and oracle approval's manager. He should be very experienced in collecting and noting down business specializations. He should be experienced in heading a team of developers inclusive of planning and assessing work, teaching, and managing projects.

ERP developer responsibilities include having information related to administration of version control schemes like subversion and CSS. Having information of Oracle 11i interfaces is required. Knowing business intelligence and acquaintance with Oracle XML publisher and Oracle reports is needed. General object - oriented concepts, oracle 10G database concepts, software life-cycles, and quality assurance methodologies being clear in his mind would be considered as an asset.


ERP developers make a lot of money with a salary varying from USD 71,391 to USD 1,18,080 per annum.

Thus, the ERP developer makes his firm effective, fruitful, and profitable by following his responsibilities.

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