Kennel Assistant Job Description

There are many unique professions that are coming up by the day. These professions are such that you may not have heard of them before. One such profession is the kennel assistant. If you want to know about this unheard of profession, read the kennel assistant job description.

This job is all about providing care to dogs. The kennel assistants work in kennels where dog owners put their dogs in their absence. Unlike cats, who are fine with a just a food dispenser when left alone, dogs require constant care and cannot be left alone in the house. Therefore, the services of a kennel assistant are required by the dog owners.

The assistant takes complete care of the dogs while the owners are away. They bathe the dogs and feed them whatever the owner has asked them to feed. If the doctor has some medicines, the kennel assistants also administer medicines to them. The assistants will also take the dogs for a walk and ensure they get adequate exercise.

Cleanliness factor is also taken care by them. The kennel assistants clean the dog's cage, bathe them, brush their teeth and even do other things like trimming their hair and nails. They also use special products for the dog if it is requested by the owner. These are the additional responsibilities of the kennel assistant job description.

One important task which kennel assistant do is that they can even train the dogs if they are having behavioral issues. However, for it the assistant themselves require special training in dog handling. The kennel attendants have to take care of many dogs at a time and hence, they need to have charts on each dog and use everything according to the chart. After the dog has been taken back by the owner, these charts have to be filed away for future reference.

The biggest duty is to show genuine affection to the dogs, this part may not be mentioned in the kennel assistant job description, but dogs understand love and affection and only get along with people who like them. Learn many more things about this profession if you like working with dogs, read the kennel assistant job description.

Duties and Responsibilities

Kennel assistants make a decent wage, not to mention the tips they get from dog owners. Most of these owners are rich and the tips they give can be quite handsome.


Career Advancement

Kennel assistant get good job opportunities in five star style kennels. There kennels that give dogs five star treatment, but they also charge quite a lot for their services. The assistants here get paid really well.

The kennel assistant job description is to take care of the dogs that are admitted in the care of the kennel. They take care of them as good as their owners take care.

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