Kennel Attendant Job Description

Hygiene and health are equally important for animals as it is for humans. Animals cannot communicate so it is impossible for them to demand for their needs. It essential to appoint someone, who can provide personal care for these animals and help them meet their daily requirements. Especially in places such as pet houses, veterinary hospitals, zoos, animal rescue centers and animal lodgings as in such places animals come in close contact with the humans and there is possibility of disease transmission. Even some household pet owners employ kennel attendants for the maintenance and cleanliness of the living space of the animals and attend their animals. The kennel attendant job description given here will help you know more about the day-to-day activities of a kennel attendant.

Kennel attendants are also called as kennel technicians in some places. As they come in contact with the animals for most of the time, it is also essential that the kennel attendants look after their personal hygiene as well. Their job is physically and mentally demanding. The highlighted duties and responsibilities will give you a better idea.

Duties and Responsibilities of Kennel Attendants

Skills Required in Kennel Attendants

Educational Qualifications Required for Kennel Attendants

Educational qualification for kennel attendants may be different for different employers. Some employers require a high school while some may require degree in any relevant field such as zoology. Most of the employers hire employees who have pursued some veterinary courses as they have profound knowledge of animal care.

If willing to work in the animal shelters, then possessing a state-approved euthanasia certificate will help you. These employers require knowledge of sodium pentobarbital and legend drugs which can be acquired through these certification programs. Legend drugs are used in animal sedation and any uncertified and un-experienced person is not allowed to deal with such issue.

Salaries Offered to Kennel Attendants

The average wages paid to kennel attendants may range from $20,045 to $36,173 in United States. However, kennel attendants can earn more than this by selling animal fodder, antiseptics for animals, etc., as a secondary source of income. Kennel attendants who work independently may earn more than this.

Hope the above given kennel attendant job description helped you in knowing the duties of kennel attendant. If you want to reveal more about this profile, you can reach us.

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