Key Account Manager Job Descriptions

Big and even medium sized accounting firms sometimes employ a large number of accountants to undertake various accounting duties. These firms generally offer services to public and private sectors and sometimes to individuals as well. They assist their clients in making financial decisions and help them in maintaining financial records. A single accounting firm can have more than hundreds of clients, if it a big one, it is necessary to appoint a person who can interact with these clients and collect accounting details from them which can be used by the accountants. A key accountant manager acts as an interface between the clients and the accounting staff of the company. Apart from this a key accountant may also be involved in research and analysis. To know more about the duties and responsibilities of a key accountant manager job description, read below.

It is very difficult to find the job of a key accountant because there are only a handful of organizations that have this position. Most of the organizations hand over the responsibility of interacting with the clients and information collecting to the accountants only. If you are looking out for this position then you should aim bigger firms.

Duties and Responsibilities of Key Accountant Manager:

Skills Required by Key Accountant Manager:

Educational Qualifications for Key Accountants:

Key accountants should possess a degree in either Accounting or Finance. Even a bachelor's degree in mathematics and statistics is apt to work in this profile, but most of the firms require educational background of accounting or finance. Master's degree in Business Management or any other relevant field will add extra value to your resume. Most of the organizations do look for experienced professionals. However, even if you are not experienced if you are skilled at accounting and finance you may get an opportunity to work as a key accountant.

Salaries Offered to Key Accountants:

Key accountants are paid up to $56,000 to $79,000 as their annual compensation. Their wages may differ depending upon the location, experience and their skills. However, less experienced professional may be paid less as compared to the professionals who have experience of 4-5 years.

Gaining experience in key accounting, you can look forward for better career opportunities in the field of accounting and finance such as accounting assistant manager, accounting manager, etc. Hope the key accountant manager job description given above will help you in your job search. If you are looking for more information about this profile, contact us.

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