Key Holder Job Descriptions

As the name suggests a key holder holds the keys to the luxurious belongings of an establishment. He is someone who is responsible for looking after the safety and security of the establishments, especially shops, departmental stores, and big shopping complexes. They also handle some other administrative responsibilities as well. Even if there is a proper security system set up with the motion sensors, cameras and traps in an organization there is requirement of a key holder to look after these security systems and make sure that there is no threat for any of the belongings. Apart from the departmental stores, shopping complexes and shops some offices and companies may also hire key holder to look after the safety of their deluxe infrastructure. The key holder job description given here will highlight some of the key roles and other details of this profile.

Primary Responsibilities of a Key Holder

Secondary Responsibilities of Key Holder

Key Skills Necessary for the Position of Key Holder

Educational Requirements for a Key Holder

The minimum qualification required for a key holder is a high school diploma. However, some establishments look for a degree or training in retail marketing management. Key holders are provided on-job training if they are not experienced in handling the stores. Training or apprenticeship is also available in security in which they are trained in dealing with security systems, self-defense techniques, etc.

Salaries Offered to Key Holders

The pay scale of the key holders depends upon the size and type of the establishment they are associated with and their experience as well. If you are working with bigger establishments then you may be paid more than what you get from the small stores and shops. The salary may be around $24,064 per annum.

Key holder positions are available for people who want to work on part time basis as well. Most of the students graduating in business management work as key holders to get experience of retail markets. Hope you found the above key holder job description helpful and informative.

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