Baggage Handler Responsibilities

The name of the profile explicitly defines the main responsibilities of a baggage handler. A baggage handler works at all the places that face a continuous traffic of goods and commuters. It includes train stations, bus stops, airports, hotels, etc. The basic responsibility of a baggage handler is to load and unload the goods. He must carry the luggage safely till the destined place. He must ensure the bags do not get lost, stolen, or damaged in the transit. He has to be attentive while supervising the movement of bags to make certain bags reach the right destination. In addition to these basic responsibilities, every handler takes additional responsibilities as per the place of work. Here is a brief description of the baggage handler responsibilities as per the place of work.

In Hotels

A baggage handler greets the customers who visit the hotel and carry their luggages up to their hotel room. The handlers pile up the suitcases and handbags on the trolleys and or carry it by hand. Besides carrying luggages, the handlers are responsible to help the customers to find their way to their room and help them avail the facilities provided in the room.

At Train Stations or Bus Stops

A baggage handler is expected to take luggage from the travelers and carry it up to their cars or taxis. They load the luggage on the vehicle and ensure it is safely packed and tied to the carrier. Baggage handler responsibilities are restricted to carrying baggages while working for passenger trains. In case of luggage trains that carry raw materials and mails, the functions of baggage handler include loading and unloading of goods, packaging and storing of the goods, counting the number of goods and tagging them.

At Airports

The most complex profile of a baggage handler is seen at the airport. All travelers deposit their bags at the baggage counter. First, all baggages are checked for security reasons. Every baggage is provided with a sticker/tag with the name of the owner, the destination, and the sequential number. A ticket is provided to the travelers that conveys the sequential number. The checked baggages are sorted by the handler as per the destination and loaded in the carriage section of the plane. Once the airplane reaches the destined airports, the luggages are removed and reinspected. The checked luggages are put on a conveyor belt for the passengers to pick up. Often the handlers, check the luggage number and the ticket number to ensure every passenger is walking away with their own baggages. The entire process of transporting the bags is managed by the baggage handler.

The requirements for acquiring the post of a baggage handler are quite simple. One does not require strong educational qualifications or prominent skills to work as a baggage handler. A high school diploma is sufficient to work in this position. Key qualitative skills expected in the candidate are communication skills, courteous behavior, and organizational abilities. Baggage handling requires immense physical strength. Hence, it is important to have a strong physique to be eligible for this job. Once the handlers acquire sufficient experience and complete graduation, they can progress to the level of supervisors or managers. Here, their new responsibilities would be to lead and guide the team of handlers and manage the activities at the baggage counters. Baggage handler jobs are available in transportation and hospitality industries. Jobs are available in significant numbers and hence the career prospects for bag handlers appear promising in the coming future. Those working in 5-star hotels and at airports receive healthy remunerations. The work performed at a transportation firm is more physically demanding than the work in the hospitality industry.

Baggage handler responsibilities can be performed by any individual with good physical strength. Hence, even if you do not posses strong educational qualifications, you can still make a successful career by working as a baggage handler. We hope this description of functions of a baggage handler will help you plan your career effectively.

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