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When we are planning to buy a house or rent a house or apartment we consider many issues such as location, price, area, etc. If we are aware of the place then it can be easier for us to find a home as per our requirement, but if we relocate to some new country, state or city it becomes really impossible for us to find us a suitable place as per our requirement. It is also not reliable to invest money in any leasing contracts if we are new to the place. In such cases a leasing agent or a leasing consultant helps us. He analyzes our requirements and helps in finding a suitable place to live in as per our comfort and requirement. The leasing consultant job description given here will help you understand their detailed job profile.

A leasing consultant acts as an interface between his clients who want to sell or give their plots, apartments, land on lease basis and the prospective tenants. He shows his tenants the empty apartments, flats, lands, houses, etc., which are available for acquisition and closes the deals with them. He is involved in the entire process of leasing the properties and gains profit depending upon the type of deal he cracks. The percentage of profit offered depends upon the client and the value of the property.

Duties and Responsibilities of Leasing Consultant

Skills Required

Education Required

Leasing consultants are generally high school diploma holders having experience and knowledge of the real estate and property business. If you have a graduate's degree in any management field with experience of working in the construction and leasing profession then you can work at the more advanced positions as a property manager or constructions manager, etc. In some states and some organizations there is no requirement of license to work as a leasing consultant while in some places it is necessary.


A leasing consultant may make about $13 to $50 per hour. However, the salary of a leasing consultant depends upon the property holder he is working with and the type of properties he is dealing with.

Hope you found this leasing consultant job description helpful in finding a job in this profile. You can even work as an independent leasing agent.

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