Associate Attorney Responsibilities

Associate attorney is an individual aspiring to become an attorney by assisting the attorney and getting acquainted with the relevant legal knowledge that will be helpful to shoulder the associate attorney responsibilities. This is like an entry level position which gives him a ground for understanding the intricacies involved in the legal proceedings, how to handle the clients,how to conduct research and make presentations in the court that will be in the best interest of the client.

Key Responsibilities of Associate Attorney

Attorneys need to handle multiple clients which involves a lot of responsibilities. Hence they delegate their work load to their associates who are involved in research and assist the attorney in performing several other tasks and duties. Here is a list of the general responsibilities that need to be carried out by an associate attorney:

Desirable Skills

Few of the following skills will ensure success as an associate attorney:

Educational Requirements

An associate degree in paralegals or a bachelor's degree with additional certification in paralegal studies will be sufficient to make an entry. Even those with a bachelor's degree combined with a course in paralegal training can get the job.

Work Hours

The work hours fall in the range of forty to forty five hours per week. However, associates working in the law firms may need to work for long hours as they need to work under pressure and meet the deadlines. They may require occasional traveling to meet the clients for discussion.

Salary Details

The salary varies depending on the location,size, type, academic background and the relevant work experience. The salary may also include additional bonuses and they may get paid for working for long hours.

Career Prospects

The job prospects are really bright, the opportunities are ample but there is severe competition. To survive in this competition you must have an excellent academic background combined with relevant work experience.

Associate attorney responsibilities need to be shouldered with utmost efficiency so as to get promoted to higher positions.

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