Legal Advisor Responsibilities

If you are the person who is interested in the legal field and love to advise people and come out with solutions that benefit the clients or the organization, then you can be assured of great success ahead if you take up a career as a legal advisor.

The legal advisor responsibilities comprise providing legal assistance, organizing various legal activities, completing them, creating legal documents and advising the clients or the organization on all the relevant legal issues.

He/she is responsible for taking a lead role, especially during meetings, hearings, etc., and prioritizing work to ensure that the services delivered to the clients are of high quality. He/she assures that he/she adheres by the agreed deadline and that the assigned work is completed effectively and it satisfies and surpasses the client's expectations as well.

Key Responsibilities of Legal Advisor

The legal advisor is accountable for taking the day to day legal responsibilities and providing legal advice that includes all the aspects of the analysis, investigation and drafting process. He/she is responsible for providing support in discrete legal issues by advising the organization, drafting undertakings and structuring remedies for the relevant issues.

This professional may also be engaged in helping to analyze and collect evidence and schedule staff hearings. To better understand the role of this professional, let us view some of the responsibilities that need to be handled by him/her:

  1. To conduct legal analysis and research on various legal matters of the client or the organization
  2. To provide advice on different legal issues and assist in drafting legal opinions, memoranda and other briefing documents
  3. To be actively involved in preparing and drafting of different acts and legal submissions and draft the authoritative legal opinions as well
  4. To conduct legal research by utilizing various resources and selecting the relevant material to analyze the legal information
  5. To assist in reviewing the legal material and any other relevant documents and to identify the most important issues that need to be sorted out on a priority basis
  6. To draw up formalities regarding the settlement of disputes and monitor the implementation of the legal clauses

Thus, the legal advisor is primarily responsible for providing high quality advice to the organization or the client on major legal issues and problems.

Thus, the legal advisor needs to handle a multitude of responsibilities.

Educational Background

If you are planning to apply for the post of a legal advisor, then you should complete at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in law or any other relevant field. The individual who has a master's degree will definitely be preferred by the employers. Experience in a similar field or some previous internship experience would be of great help while striving to get your dream job.

Essential Skills and Abilities

Work Schedule

The job of legal advisor is full time job and requires him/her to work for forty to forty five hours per week with occasional overtime.

Salary Details

The salary may roughly range in between $90,000 to $123,000. However, this is only a general idea. The difference in salary is basically due to varying background of the individuals, their skills and experience.

Career Prospects

The career as a legal advisor can be really bright and promising if you have demonstrated work experience in the legal field and have proved your caliber in that field.

To move up the ladder of success really fast, it is necessary that legal advisor responsibilities should be handled efficiently and effectively.

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