Legal Secretary Job Description

If you are interested in the legal field, are passionate to gain more knowledge of law without being at the center stage in the interiors of the court room, then you can definitely take up a career as a legal secretary.

The legal secretary plays a pivotal role in the law firm and needs to carry out a wide variety of legal secretary responsibilities.

The duties mostly comprise keeping, maintaining, and updating the legal records, typing the legal documents, answering the phone calls, scheduling the appointments, attending the court, doing legal research work, preparing the court forms, typing the legal documents, preparing the legal correspondence, etc.

Key Responsibilities of Legal Secretary

The legal secretary is generally required to perform all the clerical and administrative work related to the law firm.

Though their general work is more or less similar to the other normal secretaries working in an organization, here the legal secretary needs to have indepth knowledge of the various legal documentation and legal proceedings.

This professional is engaged in preparation of court subpoenas, legal briefs, and manages all the other legal correspondence and files.

They may assist in the preliminary research work, compile the necessary data and documents that would be helpful during the legal proceedings and is responsible for submitting the legal documentation to the court houses.

Thus, under the guidance of some senior personnel in the law firm, They needs to perform some really complex legal secretarial work.

The points given below will help you to understand the role of a legal secretary in detail and the kind of responsibilities that need to be handled by him/her:

Thus, the duties are varied and need to be carried out professionally.

Essential Skills and Abilities

Educational Background

Some employers may hire individuals who have not taken any formal training. However, if a person has completed some legal secretarial program that is being offered by a technical center, community college or some private school, then such individuals would definitely have an upper hand. Those with an ALS certification would definitely be preferred more.

Work Schedule

The legal secretary works for at least forty to forty five hours per week, Monday through Friday. But since at times, there is pressure to complete some urgent legal work on a priority basis, this professional may need to work over time, sometimes even on the public holidays and weekends.

Salary Details

The remuneration package of the legal secretary will deviate depending on the size of the law firm, geographic location, experience, skills and educational background of that individual. However, the average salary offered for this professional varies in the range between $30,000 to $66,000.

Career Prospects

There has been a huge growth in this field, and there are many opportunities available for this position. Though the job openings are multiplying, those with a successful track record will definitely have bright chances for growth and promotion.

Therefore, if you want to ensure a rewarding career ahead in the legal field, then the legal secretary responsibilities must be carried out in a professional manner.

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