Litigation Paralegal Job Description

The litigation paralegals are professionals who work along with the attorney and support them during all the phases of the litigation process.

The litigation paralegal responsibilities may include everything, right from initiating the case and its discovery period to providing support in each and every phase during the trial and post trial findings, appeals, etc.

They need to do every other duty that may include pre-litigation work, compiling and producing the documents, assisting in the discovery process, etc. The individual should be skilled enough to carry out the research work and gather facts that may comprise interviewing, maintaining the database, investigating and other relevant general duties.

Key Responsibilities Of Litigation Paralegal

The following points given below will help you to get a more clear idea as to what are the main responsibilities that need to be carried out by these professionals:

The litigation paralegals are responsible for overseeing the progress of documents, ordering the transcripts and fulfilling all the requests from outside counsel and others. They organize exhibits and other relevant supporting documents, coordinate the trial set up, logistics and assist the attorneys in the court room by taking notes, marking the relevant documents referred by the counsels. They are seen assisting in the preparation of witness testimony and serve as an important link between the trial attorneys and the organizational staff members. Thus, they need to handle a multitude of tasks.

Essential Skills and Abilities

Educational Requirements

The litigation paralegal will need at least a bachelor's degree or some relevant paralegal training. Those with previous work experience in a similar position will definitely be preferred by the employers.

Salary Details

The recent survey shows that the remuneration package offered for these professionals is $50,000. It is dependent on a lot of other factors like the type, size, and location of the organization. Previous work experience, knowledge and skills are also crucial in determining the remuneration package. It is equally dependent on what kind of duties are expected by the law firm.

Career Prospects

The career opportunities for the professionals in this field will continue to grow and those with excellent academic background and experience will definitely have better chances for growth.

Thus, if you want your career to prosper and take it to greater heights, then you must be able to handle the litigation paralegal responsibilities well and carry them out in an efficient manner.

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